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Manusela National Park is known as a natural attractions that having charm with beautiful natural scenery and interesting hilly topography, which there is Markele edge, Manusela valley, Kobipoto edge, Mual plains and Wae Kawa valleys in the south. The attractions that can be enjoyed in this area is exploring the forest, rock climbing, animal / plant observation. Some of the tourists are also spend their time doing camping while enjoying the fresh air over the woods.

Manusela National Park area has a lot of uniqueness and distinctiveness, like Manusela valley with attractive landscapes and circumstances fresh and pleasant climate, Piliana valley that keep huge of butterfly species, Sawai with various beautiful sea coral, which is perfect for snorkeling and diving activities, or just enjoyed using speedboats and longboats that owned by Manusela National Park Authority. Manusela National Park information center is also located in Negeri Sawai precisely around the Masihulan village.

In Manusela National Parks we can found many types of orchids, corpse flower (Rafflesia sp.), Distinctive and beautiful forests, alpine vegetation and endemic ferns. In addition, the National Park can also be used as a field research site because of the diversity of flora and fauna and endemic, pharmaceutical research (type of plant medicines) as well as the study of plants.

The best visiting season in this national park is from May till October.

To reach Manusela National Park can be through Wahai and Saleman from the north coast or through Tehoru. Alternatives routes towards this park are can be described as follows:

- From Ambon to Saleman-Wahai can be reached by motor boat which takes 24 hours. This boat has a trip scheduled 3 times a week. Traveling from Wahai to the Park can be reached by walking.

- Through the southern coast, Manusela National Park pursued through the city of Ambon to Tehoru-Saunulu-Mosso by boat that takes 9 hours. The boat schedule runs is 4 times a week. The next trip to the Park can only be reached by walking.

- An overland trip can be done from Ambon to Tulehu with travel time 45 minutes. Furthermore, from Tulehu to Amahai can be achieved with long fast boat which takes 1 hour 45 minutes. The journey from Amahai to Tehoru done by road for 3 hours then referred to the speed boat to Saunulu / Mosso for about 30-60 minutes. The visitors can also choose the land route to the northern part of the national park. These Saleman taken from Amahai to pass by bus and that will take 3 hours followed by speed boat to the Wahai which takes 2 hours.

- If the visitors drive four-wheeled vehicle, they can traveling from Ambon to Liang for 1.5 hours travel time. Furthermore, from Liang to Kairatu taken for 2 hours by ferry. From Kairatu to Saka will reached by road for 3.5 hours.

- New route to get to the northern part of the National Park can directly from Ambon, by using Merpati Airline by using Twin Otter type, heading to Wahai; from Wahai to Sasarata and subsequent trips can be made by walking toward the area.

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I have been to The Maluku Islands in my childhood with my uncle. During our one week tour we used to visit some amazing attractions there. The Manusela National Park is really a nice attraction located on Seram Island. It offers great views for photography attract the visitors for its natural beauty.