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Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, range from Sabang in Aceh to Merauke in Papua, which is made up of thousands of large and small islands, which are connected by the strait and sea. According to data from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic Indonesia in 2010 was as much as 17,504 islands. 7,870 of them have names, while 9,634 do not have a name.

The total area of the Indonesian ocean broader than its land, Indonesia's land area of 1.91 million km2, while the area of oceans is 6.279 million km2. With such widespread Indonesia kept many natural resources on land and under the sea is beautiful. No wonder if Indonesia has many wonderful spots especially in the sector of the beach. Due to the geographical position of Indonesia itself that is located in parts of the equator. Among the many beaches, there are several beaches in Indonesia are categorized as the most beautiful beaches in the world. Among other Senggigi Beach in Lombok, Kuta Beach in Bali, Bunaken Beach in Manado, and many other beautiful beaches.

Indonesia has very beautiful natural wealth. Because of its natural beauty that Indonesia has become a tourist destination that is much coveted by both local and international travelers from around the world. Panorama in Indonesia is certainly not inferior to other countries. For it would not hurt if we went on holiday to enjoy a variety of natural beauty that exist in Indonesia and make it as a tourist destination.

Not only that, Indonesia is also rich in culture, various tribes living in Indonesia with harmony and peace, each tribe has its own characteristics that make cultural diversity in Indonesia, besides Indonesia also has a distinctive culinary in each territory.

Indonesia is the country that has extraordinary natural wealth. In fact, all the world is well-known attractions here. Indonesia has hundreds of National Parks that must to visit. One of them is the Komodo National Park is the sole habitat of Komodo in the world. In addition, there is also a favorite of international climbers is Carstensz Pyramid where this mountain was shrouded in eternal snow. Indeed, the wealth of natural attractions Indonesia countless. To prove it, please visit Indonesia as recommended tourist destination by presenting the most complete natural wealth on earth.

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Bali as primary destination in the world, offers largely on its tropical destinations with white sand beaches, blue sky, and cultural attractions. Beach resort and hotel have been developed. Many tourist destinations that worth to visit whenever you want, Not only famous for beaches, Bali also has natural mountains are very beautiful and are well-known to foreign. One of them is the nature of mountains in Kintamani Bangli. The natural beauty of Kintamani which is supported by the beauty Batur Lake are very wonderful and unspoiled.

In Bali there are for lakes namely Buyan Lake, Tamblingan, Beratan and Batur. Each has unique characteristics and different. One of four lakes is Batur Lake, the biggest lake on Bali Island. Lake Batur is located an altitude of 1,050 above sea levels lies on the right slopes of Mount Batur, a still active volcano next to it. It is located on the northern part of Bali. The largest lake overshadowed by the active volcano is located in Bangli Regency, at the northeast of Bali. It lies down in the feet of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. The lake is classified as a "neutral-dilute" lake because there is no known underlying hydrothermal activity, and the abundant rainfall more than quenches any such activity. There is a hot spring right by the lake. We can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Batur Lake from Kintamani. Across the lake, only reachable by boat, lies Trunyan village, where the Bali Aga people live. The surrounding of the lake is a favorite place for picks self up. At Batur Lake we can see the scenic view and feel cool atmosphere. Bangli's mountainous region center is around the spectacular volcanic crater (or caldera) of Batur. Mount Batur adjacent to the volcano is the large crescent-shaped Batur Lake, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim. The place is a great day trips, trekking or just to get away from the daily activity.

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Kangean Islands is a group of islands which is located at the most eastern island of Madura, Java Sea. There are 60 Islands altogether with 6 inhabited, forming an archipelago that is part of Indonesia covering a total space of 668 square km. They are located in the Java Sea approximately 120 km (75 mi) north of Bali and 120 km east of Madura Island. The islands are administratively a part of Sumenep Regency within East Java province.

The largest island, at about 490 km˛, is Kangean Island. Other islands include Paliat, Sepanjang, and several smaller islands. The towns of kalikatak and Arjasa, both on Kangean Island, are the area’s largest population centres. The islands have strong historic and ethnic ties with Madura, peoples of kangean is almost 100% moslem; most residents are ethnically Madurese. The highest elevation point on the islands is in the northeast at 1,192 feet (364 m.), while overall the islands are low in elevation. The weather tends to rain regularly.

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Indonesia’s best-known national park comprises several islands and some of the country's richest waters within its 1817 sq km. Expect hulking mountainous islands blanketed in savannah, laced with trails and patrolled by the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo dragon. That’s the big draw here, and it’s easy to spot them, but there’s also big nature beneath the water's surface where polychromatic bait draw big pelagics such as sharks and manta rays in great numbers. Nearby Labuan Bajo, on the island of Flores, is the perfect traveller base.


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Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio targets in 2020, 5 super priority tourist destinations will become the new pride of the Indonesian nation. The 5 priority tourist destinations include Lake Toba, Likupang, Borobudur, Mandalika, and Labuan Bajo. "Mr. President has determined that there will be 10 New Bali, and 5 that will become super priorities: Lake Toba, Likupang, Borobudur, Mandalika, and Labuan Bajo. Our targets in 2020 will be a new pride for the Indonesian people besides Bali," Wishnutama said during the event, meet the media at M Bloc Space, South Jakarta.

The determination of these 10 priority destinations is the President's mandate. 10 New Bali Program is a government program to develop 10 priority tourist destinations to boost Indonesia's tourism equality. The development of 10 New Bali is also expected to create jobs in 10 priority tourist destinations. The government agreed to focus on accelerating the development of four destinations out of 10 priority tourism destinations. The four destinations are Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika and Labuan Bajo. Because it is more focused than six other destinations, this destination is called 4 super priority destinations. In July 2019, one destination, Likupang, North Sulawesi was added to the list of super priority destinations. So this time it's called "5 Super Priority Destinations".


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Indonesia is a popular destination among tourists. Tourism in Indonesia offers variety of sightseeing and entertainment options. The wide range of Indonesia tourism packages provided by hundred thousands of tour services. Discover Indonesia tourism places and stay in good hotels close to the main Indonesia tourist spots. Indonesia tourism offers something for every kind of traveller – whether you are planning a honeymoon or a family trip, looking for a relaxed resort stay or an active holiday, you will find exciting options in Indonesia. Tourism in Indonesia is also in a big way about shopping and food, so go ahead and indulge.

Borobudur the 9th century temple is in the center of Indonesia’s Java island, a densely populated region with stunning vistas. Other highlights include the towering Hindu temple complex of Prambanan, like Borobudur a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Mount Merapi, the country’s most active volcano, whose lava-covered slopes are accessible by jeep.

While the two temples draw many visitors, other foreigners head to the relaxing beaches of Bali, just east of Java and by far the most popular tourist destination in a nation of thousands of islands and almost 270 million people. One of the 10 sites earmarked for development is the Borobudur Temple area and nearby Yogyakarta, a city of several hundred thousand people that is embedded in a large metro area. The city is a center of Javanese culture and a seat of royal dynasties going back centuries.

Travelers hoping to be in place at Borobudur just before sunrise need at least 90 minutes to get there from Yogyakarta, a journey of 40 kilometers (24 miles). A 230-kilometer (140-mile) round trip to the Dieng highlands, with terraced fields, small temples and a colorful volcanic lake, requires a full day of travel, some of it on bumpy back roads.

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Do you know if Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world? Not only as the biggest, there are several other interesting facts about Indonesia as an archipelago.

1. There are only six countries that recognized as archipelago, namely Indonesia, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines

2. From Sabang to Merauke, there are a total of about 17 thousand islands in Indonesia

3. Papua New Guinea, Kalimantan, and Sumatra, including the top 10 largest islands in the world

4. Riau Islands is a province with the largest number of islands in Indonesia, with a total of around 2,408 islands

5. Unfortunately in 2002, Indonesia lost some beautiful islands because they were claimed by Malaysia

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6. Sipadan and Ligitan belong to Malaysia after winning the international justice court

7. As we know, there are also many ethnic groups in Indonesia. There are about 740 tribes

8. The cool thing is, 270 of them are from Papua alone

9. Apart from the many tribes, Indonesia also has about 34 traditional houses and 5,327 typical culinary delights

10. Indonesia Is the World's Largest Island Country
Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world. With 735,358 square miles of land, it is the 14th largest country in the world by available land. When both land and sea are taken into account, it is the seventh largest in the world.


Volcanoes Are Definitely a Thing
Indonesia has around 127 active volcanoes, a few of which have been erupting since written history. With Indonesia being so populous, it is inevitable that millions of people are living within eruption zones at any given time. Gunung Agung on the busy island of Bali spooked a lot of tourists when it erupted in 2017 and 2018.

The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa between Java and Sumatra produced one of the loudest sounds in history. It ruptured the eardrums of people over 40 miles away. Airwaves from the blast circled the globe seven times and were recorded on barographs five days later. Tidal waves from the cataclysmic event were measured as far away as the English Channel.

The world's largest volcanic lake, Lake Toba, is located in North Sumatra. The explosive eruption that formed the lake is thought to have been a catastrophic event that resulted in 1,000 years of cooler temperatures on earth due to the amount of debris thrown into the atmosphere.

A new island pushed up by volcanic activity, Pulau Samosir, has formed in the center of Lake Toba and is home to the Batak people.