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20-09-2012, 10:04
Rupat Island

Rupat is an island in the Strait of Malacca, and administratively part of Bengkalis regency, Riau province. It lies just off the eastern coast of Sumatra, across from Dumai city, across the Strait of Rupat (Selat Rupat). Rupat was one of thousands of abandoned islands, but now the population is growing year after year, then it makes them expand the area for the settlement.


This island is can be reached from Pekanbaru, Dumai or Bengkalis. The main transportation line from and to the island is by the sea. There is official transportation schedules to get to this island, which is from Dumai-Rupat Roro crossing schedule. To reach Rupat from Dumai takes 20-30 minutes by Roro crossing. While departing from Bengkalis takes approximately 2 hours drive. Rupat Island is divided into two, namely Rupat and North Rupat. The residents in North Rupat is bigger than in Rupat.


In Rupat, there is no hotel, the guest house in the island are located in Batupanjang and Tanjung Rhu. Here on the island the culture of the societies are taken from Malay, which particularly root from Malaysia Malay culture. The tourists can even use Ringgit as currency tool. This possibility happen because the area that near to Malaysia territory.


The main attraction from this island is taken from the beaches that lies over the island. The beauty of white sandy beach is magnificently enchanted for holiday. The most popular beach is this island Rukat Island beach.