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03-10-2011, 17:21
If Bangka Island is very famous tourist attraction with its beach, then the presence of these attractions in the Pangkalpinang city can be fairly unique. This place is named Bangka Botanical Garden. As the name implies, this place is a botanical garden an attractive place to visit. which has a land area of 300 hectares variety of rare plants and beautiful arranged in groups, with regular contour of the land, complete with roads for vehicles. Located in the industrial area Ketapang, 7 km from Depati Amir Airport, precisely on Laksamana Malahayati street, Air Itam-Bukit Intan,

When you first enter this area, trees and shrubs seem lined up neatly adorned the roadside. The atmosphere is still shady though the sun was brightly lit. In some corners too much visible swamps, and If you are lucky you can find some tail lizards that live and breed in this place.

Bangka Botanical Garden Activities

in Bangka Botanical Garden which developed since March 2007, you can also visit the various tourism objects. Among the dairy farm, Green House, Dragon Fruit Plantation, Livestock Milkfish, Wood House, Milk Processing, Area Pasteurization and so forth. In the middle of botanical garden there are Rumah Panggung which is the center of activities for Green community. This place like Farm tour for who want to know more about various object of farmers, ranchers even fisher.

The concept of Bangka Botanical Garden adapting the same success of the project in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is a former tin mining areas which have severe environmental conditions. but now even more advanced than when it has a tin. its rapidly increasing tourist arrivals, phuket society no longer willing to be worked for tin mining area. because the results obtained from tourism is better than when there is tin mining.

Bangka Botanical Garden Programs

This area became the center of breeding various species of plants, many kinds of fresh fish, creating a land of paddies have been planted with various kinds of crops, pond fish culture, as well as dairy farm and cattle. Through the program “Bangka Goes Green“, Bangka Botanical Garden share knowledge by providing information about the greening to the farmers, ranchers, including the tin miners.

Source: tourbangka.com