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It was nice to be able to see beauty in the most eastern spot of Bangka Island. The point of the village was named Cape Bonded beriga Bangka regency center. A promontory surrounded by sea. Beaches in Cape Beriga very beautiful. When viewing this beach, we remembered the time to visit Cape Coast District High Sijuk Belitung regency. Beaches with clean white sand, clear blue sea water with large granite rocks and artistic. This beach overgrown with tropical plants is still natural, but most of the high palm trees have died due to lightning. This can be seen from the living tree trunks soaring into the sky. While visiting this beach, coral reefs UBB exploration team was greeted by the presence of several monkeys who were playing alongside a road. Really is an unspoiled natural setting.

Seeing the sunrise at Cape Coast Bonded provide a sense of peace because we can feel the beauty around him. Color the sky is still orange by the sun is still shy and reflected by a calm sea. This is a coral reef expedition team UBB felt while hunting on this beach. This beautiful beach is visited by many local tourists around Central Bangka Regency to simply see the sights or enjoy the charm of Cape Coast swimming Bonded weekends.

Geographically, bonded are hamlets that are still included in the Village District Beriga Lubuk Great Central Bangka regency. Residents in the hamlet Bonded mostly work as fishermen and farmers. Beautiful and peaceful hamlet of many kuini overgrown by trees. At dusk, we could still hear the night birds and monkeys are getting ready for bed that we will not feel in the city.

The rocks at the tip of Cape Coast Bonded is a collection of stones that are large and tall. Especially on the left or north cape, we will climb the stone is quite large and tall and we will be presented dipenghujungnya ocean views stretching to the extraordinary beauty of the altitude. At night, from where it will be seen the lights of the fishermen who were catching squid and fish. In addition there will also be presented flickering lights seen from the direction of the City Pangkalpinang from this point. When the bright moonlight and star-studded lot, this will be a wonderful night.

Right at the tip of Cape Bonded i we will be able to see an island that looks pretty far away. The island is the island Kelapan located closer to the island next to the village of Tanjung Lepar Cage (coral reefs off the island will be discussed in another article). On the headland there is any light tower (mini lighthouse) which is used as a hint that this is the most eastern area of ​​the island of Bangka and direction for the ships that pass around the Cape of Bonded.

Apparently Bonded Cape Coast is not a place that has a coral reef with extensive flats. The water is crystal clear with rocks around it was not a habitat for life in the form of extensive coral reef flats. Coral reefs are found on the east headland and is about 100 meters from the beach not far from the big rock across the Cape Bonded contained.

From the observation condition of coral reef ecosystems in the region, coral reefs UBB exploration team concluded that the condition of coral reef ecosystems are (live coral cover 25-50%). Actually there was no activity ekositem destruction of coral reefs by humans who come in around the coast to reach the site remember to swim at least 100 meters to the sea. The low coral cover caused by reef flats on the coast is too shallow at low tide so low, this reef flats open directly to the sun.

This makes it less than optimal conditions for corals and lots of overgrown by microalgae. In contrast to the condition of reefs in the village of Sungai Samak Coast District Badau Belitung regency where the reefs are less good because the closed micro-algae due to eutrophication, in Cape Coast Bonded permasalahnnya different because the villagers do not live directly on the beach and doing household activities around the beach. Bonded Hamlet is about 500 meters from Cape Coast Bonded.

Coral reef ecosystem is dominated by massive corals (Coral massive) such as Pavites and Goniastrea. Also encountered coral species Acropora tumbulate foliose and yet very little. In addition, many species of coral found root bahar (Melithaea) that grows attached to rocks granite among the submerged sea water.

Although coral reefs are not large, but marine biota of reef fish species encountered quite diverse. Schooling fish swim amongst thousands of granite crevices with an amazing pool formations become an attraction itself at the sight. large fish species such as grouper and found Lutjanus sp. Reef fish are smaller in size as carsio cuning, Amphiprion and damselfishes. This proves that as long as sea conditions properly maintained then the number and diversity of fish are found to be quite high.

Fish around the coast is famous cape belted a relatively large size and the number is quite a lot. When met fishermen bring their catch fishing a lot when only catch fish for one night. Fish species k Uwe-Pompano, mackerel, snapper and stingrays appear in the basket catch. In addition to the pristine waters and unspoiled, the waters of Cape Bonded indeed an adequate water areas in the archipelago and is the cruise lines. No wonder the commonly seen large ships passing from the region of Singapore, Batam, Malaysia and Sumatra to or from Jawa.mengingat Bangka Island is indeed a shipping lane through which the merchant ships across the region.

Seeing the potential of fisheries and beautiful beaches, not impossible if one day this will be the location of coastal marine tourism going forward if this beauty can be maintained properly. Protects the beauty of beaches and coral reef ecosystems in promoting marine tourism sector is the economic development of the island's tin mining post is the best legacy that we Leave to future generations in our area that he said merupkan island world tin barn.



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