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Lengkuas is a tiny island, situated in the village of Tanjung Binga North direction. Total area of less than one hectare. On the island there are many islands surrounding the granite boulders that can be achieved simply by walking across the shallow sea with a depth of less than 1.2m. Granite stone structure is also unique and different from other places with a combination of white sandy beaches and trees. Seawater absolutely clear, you can clearly see the bottom of the sea including fish swimming in it. This is a fun place to play in the sea or snorkeling.

Crown of the Lengkuas island is actually an old lighthouse, built by the Dutch since 1882. There are no information about the height of this building, it estimate roughly equivalent to 12 floors building . Approximately 50m. Each visitor can freely go up to the top of the lighthouse. This will be a little difficult because it requires extra energy, but do not worry about your actions will not be in vain. The view from the top of the lighthouse Lengkuas so beautiful to just tell. Truly beautiful, 360 degrees around the island and surrounding areas. If you go up there, do not forget to bring a camera, let's work tells the beauty of your photos.

There are only 3 people living in Lengkuas. They are the operators of the lighthouse. They are very friendly to each visitor. Please note, the water supply is very limited on this island, although there is a toilet, please use water wisely. This place feels very releks, the wind is blowing very fresh, you can sunbathe and relax on the white sand that surrounds the island under cover of coconut trees.

Lengkuas can be achieved by renting a boat from Tanjung Binga. The rental price of about USD 350 thousand for a single trip is usually spent half the day. Travel time from the beach in the Pacific Islands to Lengkuas only about 30-45 minutes. Boat rental can carry 30-40 people and this is normally used fishing boats for fishing at night. This boat is unique, where there is the framework on both sides of the boat that make this boat to be stable even if sailing in big waves.

The best time to visit is the month Lengkuas March to November. During this period sea wave tends to be quieter, so you can enjoy the journey by boat, snorkeling and swimming in clear water as seen from the photos. During the period from December to January, the waves may be larger than usual, and sometimes in the rain all day.

Among the islands and ports Lengkuas fishermen in Tanjung Binga there is another island called Bird Island. On the way to Lengkuas you will pass through the island. The island is slightly bigger than Lengkuas, with white sand on the southern side and granite rocks on the North side. Visitors usually stop briefly at Bird Island on the way home from Lengkuas to Tanjung Binga. The most interesting object of Bird Island is a granite rock shaped like a bird found on the shore of the island, because it is also possible island called Bird Island.

Source: indonesiaculturez.blogspot.com

photo: southeastasia.org

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