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Laguna Ujung Lancang Beach attractions is located in Meras village, Nasal sub-district, Kaur District, Bengkulu province, Indonesia. The beach has the charm of beautiful beaches, gently sloping and sandy white. The beach which is the mainstay of tourism attraction of Kaur district has become a major tourist destination both from Bengkulu and Lampung Province.which indeed near the border of Lampung Province.

With a very clear sea water also adds the attraction of this beach. Also on the beach is already available the shelter facilities, toilets and the building arts. In the future Laguna Ujung Lancang Samudera Beach attraction will be the mainstay tour that will hopefully attract more visitors.

Well, If you’re vacationing in Bengkulu, you must visit the Laguna Ujung Lancang Samudera Beach.

Location :
Laguna Ujung Lancang Samudera Beach attractions is located in the district Kaur, Bengkulu province, Indonesia.

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http://maps.google.com/maps?q=kaur,+bengkulu+-+Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-4.691404,103.631287&spn=0.941648,1.448822&sll=-2.570625,101.69014&sspn=0.471935,0.724411&t=h&hnear=Kaur+Selatan,+Bengkulu+Selatan,+Bengkulu,+In donesia&z=10