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Recognized as one of Asia's largest Safari Park. Taman Safari Indonesia II Prigen located in National Park of Mount Arjuna, Prigen - Pasuruan, East Java is also widely known as a center of ex-situ conservation of species most successful in saving Bull Elephant Java and Sumatra in the world.

Safari Park which occupies perhaps the most beautiful area in one corner of the Arjuna Mountain National Park - This East Java Prigen, appointed by the government as the Stud Book Keeper (keeper genealogy) for the elephants of Sumatra and Java Banteng highly protected habitat outside.

This of course can not be separated from the success of the Safari Park Prigen in wild elephant rescue program in Waykambas in Lampung and Java Bull Park is.

In less than 5 years, 7 bull Java successfully evacuated after a tantrum in the residential area around the Park is - Jember. Successfully cultured to 23 tails. Not only that, their adaptation to the tens of thousands of visitors each month Prigen Safari Park. Making the most ferocious creature in the forest, and Alas Purwo Meru Betiri this could also very friendly towards the visitors. They even did not hesitate to approach the visitors car just to ask rations of carrots that may exist for them.

Their population growing at the Safari Park Prigen, of course be encouraging news for the preservation of endangered species is highly protected in the future. In addition to the Javanese bull breeding center in the future, along with the Animal Husbandry Department of East Java Province, Prigen Safari Park also is developing a genetic breeding program of Bali cattle with the Javanese bull sperm is super strong. So the future can be obtained offspring bali cattle bodied and super durability that will certainly be a breath of fresh air for the world of farming in Indonesia.

Vision & Mission Safari Park Prigen

be the best conservation organizations in Asia. And this was evidenced by in-depth research on the breeding of various endangered wildlife such as bison Java, Bali Starling Bird, Girrafe, Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers and hundreds of other rare wildlife species that have been successfully bred at the Safari Park Prigen.

Of course, to support conservation activities, the Taman Safari Prigen requires funding not less. Not imagine, if only one injection should be administered when a sick tiger can spend as little as Rp 2 million to Rp 12 million. While the total of animals that must be supervised by Taman Safari Indonesia has more than two thousand individuals. How much funding is needed to keep animals from five continents that much, and make them continue to grow in number.

That is why, Taman Safari Indonesia held a lot of educational shows about animals, even 5 of them are performing the best wildlife education in Southeast Asia. As Education Sumatran Elephant Show, Bird Of Prey Show, Dolphin Education Show, and many other shows. Of course so many more visitors coming trip to Taman Safari Prigen and getting to know, how extraordinary these exotic animals, so there is awareness of the visitors to help preserve their existence. And from the visitors entrance, conservation and maintenance costs Prigen Safari Park can move on.

To enhance human resources so regularly, all employees of the Safari Park Prigen get training on the importance of service to the visitors who come. And of course the Safari Park Prigen also involve residents in the surrounding environment Prigen Safari Park to participate in a positive way to keep it.

And to make the visitors more comfortable traveling in Taman Safari Prigen. Taman Safari Indonesia Prigen also continuously adding new rides such as the Baby Zoo, Waterworld Safari, Dolphin Bay, Safari Ride & Fun Zone rides until the final performance, which is Southeast Asia's largest stuntmanshow, "Journey To The Temple Of Terror".

Prigen Safari Park is the most fitting place for Family Gathering activities are often held by companies in East Java and beyond. In addition to the only place that provides a broad place to gather with seating capacity up to 3500 people. No mistake, the Safari Park is a place that is ideal. Because in addition, visitors can cool air nenikmati Arjuna Mountain National Park. They could also feel the fun of a safari through the region is full of animals from five continents. They could also feel the fun of swimming in the largest waterpark in East Java as well as feel the sensation of riding up animals like Elephant, Camel and Pony Riding that can only be felt in the Safari Park.

Taman Safari Widest In Asia

Prigen Safari Park, has an area of ​​350 hectares and is the largest Safari Park in Southeast Asia is also known widely by Safari Adventure tour package that is extraordinary, through the thick jungle Mountain National Park is filled with Arjuna the Bengal tiger, lion africa, giant brown bears and various other rare animals.

With a collection of exotic animals from five continents comprehensive in Indonesia. Taman Safari Indonesia 2 Prigen also very well known with 7 Animal Education Show the best in Southeast Asia.

Ranging from educational show about the Sumatran elephant that is extraordinary. Education show global warming is funny, educational show about birds of prey that is extraordinary, education dolphin show from San Diego California that is not less exciting than Ocean Park Hong Kong, Tiger Education Show is the only in Asia, as well as the appearance of a stuntman show cnggih, Journey To The Temple Of Terror. All tour packages are of course makes the Taman Safari Indonesia II - Prigen as educate about wildlife tourism destinations in Indonesia's most interesting today.

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The Safari Park Prigen Map

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