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Banjarmasin is the capital city of this Province. South Borneo is located in Borneo Island, with boundaries of Makassar Strait in the east, Central Kalimantan in the west and north, the Java Sea in the south and a small part of East Kalimantan in the north.

The history remain that South Borneo was start the early life since 8000 BC, when People of Austrolomelanisia was settled on caves at Meratus mountain. Second believed that on 2500 BC, the Proto Malay people from Formosa Island moved to Borneo, and being believed that they are the ancestor of Dayak People [the ethnic of Ot Danum Dayak].

South Borneo has rich culture and natural resourches. Kasturi or Mangifera casturi is the official flora from South Borneo, while Bekantan or Nasalis larvatus, is one of Monkey species with long nose, it is the official fauna which coming from South Borneo.
Other natural resources are coming from rubber, pepper, timber, petroleum, coal, gold, and diamonds which also become the main commodity for the province and mainly located on Banjarmasin as the capital city.

The local inhabitant who live in South Borneo is mostly coming from The Banjar people, others are Javanese and Bugis and some of small ethnics.

The local interests from this province are coming from its particular from each regencies, like their culture and the way of living. For instance, the floating market on Muara Kuin on Barito river.

Floating market become one of the tourist interest for its so different than any other market in Indonesia, even in the world. The market is start at dawn around 4 o’clock in the morning until 8 to 9 o’clock. The particular side is coming from the way of the seller and the buyer have a deal on their shopping time. Both the seller and the buyer is using “Jukung” or a small boat to have a deal. The seller have their goods to be placed on the Jukung while the buyer use their Jukung to shop their needs among the crowded river. Like any other market, this floating market have some spots that offer some goods, this will be simplify the buyers to go directly to the spot that having their needs. The different thing is on everything settled on the water ground.

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