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Distance Beach Sukomade approximately 97 km to the southwest of the town of Banyuwangi. Sukomade beach is quiet and beautiful beaches. At first discovered by the Dutch coast in 1927. Rubber, coffee and cocoa plantations planted in the ground area of 1200 hectares. Sukomade is a protected natural forest in East Java, related to the turtle breeding. Night trip to the beach Sukomade unforgettable. The visitors led by an experienced ranger guides to see the turtles landed to lay their eggs on beaches and sand beaches.Female turtles usually nest to hundreds placed in the sand on the beach. Female turtles usually from shore at 7:30 pm and return to the sea at 12.00 at night. Months, November to March is a turtle nesting season. Way to Sukamade very challenging to be explored. Along the way to visit this place, visitors can stop at the beach Rajegwesi. Do not also miss the Green Bay, a green bay cliff with a beautiful surrounding. Cruise in the morning to see the animals grazing in pastures is also impressive.

These places is an unspoiled place you should know at the eastern tip of Java island. To get there, you can use a public or private vehicles. but keep in mind the hilly terrain required to customize your vehicle type.

From the city of Banyuwangi to the city Pesanggaran (60 miles) and then proceed to Sarongan (20 km) . Sarongan-Rajegwesi-Sukomade (17 miles). Cottage and Camping Ground is available for stay for tourists.

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