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Travel To East Java Mobile Applications
Your Personal Guide To Explore The Beautiful of East Java Tourism

Travel To East Java is a travel application, you can see the detail information of Indonesia?s tourisms and everything within the area, especially in Java, precisely in East Java. By downloading this application, you can completely see the details tourisms in 8 segments, which is about beaches, cultures, waterfalls, temples, handicrafts and diversities among the region. After you enter one of those segments, there are ten photos to support the details. That is why, by having this application, it can answer the doubts and it gives clear detail of East Java's in particular.

Aftar you use this application, you will be impressed by the numbers of pictures that show the destinations in East Java. Each attraction is equipped with many high definition images and taken by a professional. You will really enjoy exploring this application, because it has beautiful pictures, complete descriptions and followed by traditional Javanese instrument.

Travel To East Java Application also equipped with Hotel information, News and profile about East Java. On the menu of Hotel and News, you can make a reservation to stay during your vacation. In News, you can know exactly the perfect time before visiting, for it has information about a calender of events that will be held during a particular year. It simple and easy

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http://tourismapps.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/app_store.png?w=150&h=50 (http://www.ipad.eastjava.com) http://tourismapps.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/available-on-android-market-iphone-like-badge1.png?w=150&h=54 (http://www.android.eastjava.com)
http://mahoni.com/forum/badge/windows_200.png (http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/571896e1-7880-4d37-bed2-829159ef44c7)

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Travel To East Java Application also available for Android user, both for smartphone or computer tablet.

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14-10-2019, 17:09
Travel To East Java application, is the application to show the glance of East Java tourism and can be free downloaded in 3 platform stores. There are descriptions about the tourism destination, the pictures related, the general information about accommodation, how to get there and more. It's all complete in the application.

Get it now and prepare your back pack to travel to East Java!


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