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North Sulawesi, the capital of this province is Menado. The religion from this province is predominantly Christian, with some of Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. The indigenous people from this province are mostly coming from the Minahasan ethnic.

Menado people is popular with their culture among other area, dominantly from their food, their tourism object, even the women. Menadonese women are very popular with their beauty, white skin, chubby cheek, and mostly become an artist or a model.

One of the inspiring thing from Menado is their taste. Their foods are popular with spicy and hot taste. Some of Menadonese restaurant are spreads over the Indonesia area offering kinds of local food like, Tinutuan or Bubur Menado or Menado porridge, this is porridge complete with some vegetables and serve with hot chilly pepper. Nasi Jaha or Jaha Rice, is kind of sticky rice mixed with red onion and ginger, it cooked by the bamboo toast and coconut milk. Klappertart or Coconut tart, it is sweet and so Menado. Wort to try. Other foods are categorize as extreme food which commonly not all people can enjoy these foods, they are; RW or Rintek Wuuk is made from dog meat, Tikus or rats, paniki or bats meet and kinds of pork meat.

The local interest from Menado or North Sulawesi are coming from Menado itself, Manado offers a variety of terrain with hills, volcanic mountains and scenic plateaus. Other is coming from the famous of Bunaken Sea Garden. Bunaken is recognize as one of the best place for scuba diving in the world.
The things that make Bunaken become so popular are coming from the mangrove ecosystems, sea grass beds and coral reefs and tropical ecosystems representative of water, land and coastal ecosystems. There are some of varieties of fish that lives on Bunaken, like Napoleon Wrasse, Angelfish, Turtles, Blue Ribbon Eels, Stingrays, eagle rays, Snappers, Groupers, and sharks.

Other tourism object is Menado Tua Island, the visitors can enjoy hiking, snorkeling or even diving.

Last but not least is about Bukit Kasih or The Hill of Love. Located on Kanonang village, 55KM from Menado city. The purpose for this object is to be a spiritual center where religion followers of various beliefs can gather, meditate and perform their worships in this fertilized and fogged tropical hill. The location is seems like we hike the hill where we can find all religions lay beneath the hill. We can find church, mosque, pura, and temple as a symbol for religions that stay in Indonesia.

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