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After apart from North Sulawesi, Gorontalo become an independent province on December 2000, with the capital of Gorontalo itself.

There are some opinion about the meaning of Gorontalo name, like;
Hulontalangio, which is a name of a tribe that resided in the area; Hua Lolontalango, which means cavemen who used to walk back and forth; Hulutalangi, which means a nobler, Huluo Lo Tola, which means a place where snakehead fish breed; Pongolatalo or Pohulatalo, which means a waiting place; Gunung Telu, which means three mountains; Hunto, which means a place that is always flowed by water. In my opinion the last meaning is the suitable one for Gorontalo that lies on Minahasa Peninsula.

The local inhabitant is coming from Gorontalo ethnic with Gorontalo traditional language.

The tourism objects are commonly coming from the historical site, like: Orange Fortress, Ju Panggola Graveyard, Nani wartabone monument, Limboto Lake and Otanaha Fortress.

Otanaha Fortress is stand on the mountain hill around Limboto lake. There are 3 fortresses on Otanaha residence, which is Otanaha, Otahiya, an Ulupahu fortress. Seems like they are husband, wife and the kid.

Since 15 century, Otanaha fortress was build by the Portuguese as an agreement between King Ilato and Portuguese to avoid the pirates. Unfortunately, the Portuguese was just made a harness into the Gorontalo kingdom. This made the King drove the Portuguese out from Gorontalo.

Otanaha fortress is a potential object for Gorontalo, instead of this located on strategic area, the historical value also become the main point for the tourists who want to visit to Gorontalo.

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