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In addition to the Komodo National Park, there are also other attractions in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara is no less unique the Cunca Rami waterfall frequented by foreign tourists every day. Cunca Rami waterfall 70 meters in height located in the village Lamung, District Mbeliling. Each local guides take tourists to the waterfall Cunca Rami of Labuan Bajo.

Cunca Rami waterfall which is unique in the dry season and the rainy, the same waterfall flowing. In fact, the waterfall Cunca Rami has a river below, where tourists can take a shower with the help of a local guide.

To go to Cunca Rami waterfall, tourists from the city of Labuan Bajo can use a bike or use public transportation to get to Ruteng town. Distance from City of Kuala Lumpur towards Ruteng estimated 1.5 hours using a motorcycle.

There are three entrances leading to the waterfall Cunca Rami. First, travelers from heading to the village of Labuan Bajo spilled traveling or trekking through the forest with Mbeliling until arriving at the rice fields around the waterfall Cunca Rami. Second, tourists walk through the cave by climbing through the forest Waelia with Mbeliling Lamung reached the village and the road leading down to the rice fields around Cunca Rami waterfall. Third, walk through Kampun Waelelos heading to Kampung Rangat and down the valley till in the rice fields before entering Cunca Rami waterfall.

Senior Guide West Manggarai, Gabriel Gampur to Kompas.com, in Hong Kong, recently explained that one of the attractions in West Manggarai often preferred by foreign tourists, both from the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia that traveled in Cunca Rami waterfall located in forest areas Mbeliling.

Gampur explained all this to himself often led foreign tourists to Cunca Rami. "Even before their visit to the Park or diving in the waters of Komodo, tourists visiting forest areas that have a waterfall Mbeliling Cunca Rami," said Gampur.

One of the residents of Kampung Rangat, Augustine Suhardi to Kompas.com, Sunday (08/26/2012) explains, every morning and evening often saw tourists visiting Cunca Rami waterfall. Local residents often drive tourists to the location of the waterfall. Even in the villages had made the sign to the waterfall Cunca Rami made public so that tourists do not stray toward the waterfall Cunca Rami. (Mark Makur)

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