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Onde-onde is one of traditional cakes in Indonesia, and particularly being famous in Mojokerto since Majapahit era. We can find Onde-onde in traditional market or in some stores or even in fancy restaurants. Moreover, we can find this cake in China town in Indonesia or in every corner of the world.

Onde-onde is made from wheat flour or glutinous rice flour, which is fried or boiled and its surface is paved with sesame seeds. There are a varieties of onde-onde, the best known are onde-onde that made of glutinous rice flour and green beans inside paste inside. Another variation is only made from wheat flour and there is color-coded on the surface like a white, red, or green, it known as wheat onde-onde, the typical onde-onde from Mojokerto.

Mojokerto, is famous by its called by Kota Onde-onde or Onde-onde city. In fact, there is one particular onde-onde producer that wellknown among the society, which is Boliem. We can say that Boliem is a pioneer in the production of onde-onde in Mojokerto. Boliem is a family business that now has spread its stores in the town of Mojokerto. The characteristic from onde-onde Boliem is, it always wrapped. So each onde-onde be wrapped in wax paper that has logos Boliem on it. It makes the differenciate from other manufacturers of onde-onde. So it looks neat, and clean.


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