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07-08-2012, 10:28

Soekarno's Graveyard

One of the tourist attractions in Blitar municipality is the tomb of Soekarno, an Indonesian proclamation reader and the first President of the Republic of Indonesia. It is located at 60 Slamet Riyadi Street, Bendogerit village, Sunan wetan district, about 2 kilometers from Blitar city.

The architectural "Joglo" dominates the tomb. It is in East Javanese style and combined with Gateway of Bentar. Beside the main building formed cover grave house of 'Bung Karno', this graveyard complx also completed with support building that is; Gapura Agung (The Great Gate), Mosque, and hall; which make the visitor feel comfortable to pilgrim in this location. There is also the complement building, consist of the grave manager house, public relax place, park area, and park. The impression is as great as the first president himself when he was still alive.

The tomb is visited by many pilgrims and opened for public. A lot of people come to visit at the time of memorial 'Khol' (the day of the death) of the Indonesia's proclaim. The average of the visitors' is amount to 150,000 per year, including both domestic and foreign visitors.

The great name of Soekarno invites the tourists to have pilgrimage tour to this graveyard. They feel astonished with the great president Soekarno, so that they pray in this graveyard to ask the benediction.


10-04-2018, 14:59
I've created video on Soekarno Graveyard that always crowded during weekends. Here the video


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