View Full Version : Tidal Bore Surfing in Sumatera

02-08-2012, 09:35
:p;):DKnowing about urban legends about bono, then the surfers call waves bono by the title "SEVEN GHOST" in Sumatra Island.

For those of you who want to visit and view or even surf the waves bono can meenmpuh multiple pathways. The first path with the Air Flight (Aircraft): you need to Pekanbaru (Airport Sutan Sharif Qasim II), then by using a rental car or have family and friends could be asked to delivered to the village of Teluk Meranti. Travel pekanbaru - Meranti Bay ranged 5-6 hours and will travel through the base of Kerinci (Pelalawan capital). A bit of information: real-time until the intersection Bunut (not much, about 15-30 minutes from Base Kerinci) you must take right turn to the right at the intersection Bunut. After that you came to the causeway to get to Teluk Meranti bono.

Or when you need information about transportation access to the Teluk Meranti, we (River Defender) is ready to help give Opera-. and for those of you who want to see this wave bono speednya you have to hire people. Because if you want to see bono can not just wave at bay meranti only.
Maybe this is old information that we can share, because almost certainly the work we have managed to raise the potential of wave bono has become national and even international travel.

But the most important is the potential of this tour can be useful for the community living around the river Kampar. so also meraka will still keep the river remain stable and not contaminated. Kampar River Keep Alive! Defender river.