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Lawu Peak is the special tourism object that recognized by the many tourists both domestic tourist and also foreign tourist. Lawu Top tourism can reach from admission gateway reside in Cemorosewu village, district Plaosan, while the location of admission gateway stay at province road line connecting Magetan-Solo through Tawangmangu, so that the tourism object can reach Mount Lawu top from both Magetan and Karanganyar easily.

The enchanment of this tourism resort is a place that can be used to enjoying the beautiful of the nature, lika natural forest, special plants and animal, fresh air and beautiful nature scenery, and also the sunrise. Even, this place also used for ritual tourism because there are so many heritage of King Brawijaya V.

Jalak Lawu
Jalak Lawu is one of enchanted animal in Lawu mountain. This bird is Lawu mountain endemic animal. However, based on society believe, this bird will follow the climber of Lawu mountain as guide. If the climber did not see Jalak Lawu in his trip, they are believed will be not save or will be lost in Lawu mountain.

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