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03-07-2012, 16:12
Prigi Beach is located in Tasikmadu village Watulimo district. It constitutes the most beautiful natural tourism object in Trenggalek regency and equipped with such facilities as Parking Area, Camping Site / Ground, Sport Center, Hotels, Restaurants, Etc. Beside to this Beach is a part of fish sale center. It can be reached by land transportation like buses and public van.

Prigi Beach is known for its magnificient rock formations. The most attractive part of this beach is its Southwestern coast. It includes a main bay, used by fishing boats as a harbour. The beach is also the site of Larung Semboyo, a sea festival worth attending. In the trip to Prigi Beach, the visitor could enjoy the beauty of nature for the length of the trip. Prigi Beach is known also as whichever fisheries tourist attraction to be gotten the big fishing port.

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08-12-2015, 15:53
Prigi Beach is located about 48 km south of Trenggalek, precisely in Tasik Madu village, Watulimo District. Although, this beach is also the place for fish auction and fish processing, but Prigi beach is long and unique than any other beaches in Trenggalek.

This beach has yellowish sparkling sand. East Java local Government has been developing this area as the largest fish auction place on the south coast of Java island. That makes the economic activity in the area is increase. For the visitors, there is available charter boats that will take you around to enjoy the scenery around the beach and cliffs from the sea.

Prigi Beach is known for its magnificent rock formations. The most attractive part of this beach is in Southwestern coast. It includes the main bay, which use to be fishing boats harbor. The beach is also the site of Larung Semboyo, an annual sea festival that worth attending.