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02-07-2012, 10:51
The only one Klenteng in Indonesia that using Crab symbol at the gateway. This thing is unique because generally, the Dragon animal that always becomes the symbol.

By the way, the location which faced to sea was believed by the group as the place of religious duties that really good for prayed. The group not only come from all over Indonesia, but also from the neighbouring country like Malaysia and Singapore.

This is the only one synagogue, which faces to the beach. This is the biggest sygnagogue in South East Asia. So, it is no surprising if the visitors are including people who come from ASEAN countries. They come with any different purposes. Some of them come for worshiping. The others want to have their health and want to get their luck in their bussiness.

Along the road, the visitors can enjoy the fresh air and the wind blows from the beach while they are enjoying various meal in sea food restaurant.

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