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28-06-2012, 09:14

Reog is a traditional dance that becomes the main identity from Ponorogo regency. By this traditional culture, Ponorogo is also famous as Reog city.

This theatre has been popular in Indonesian even worldwide. Reog National Festival is held every years along the anniversary of Ponorogo regency and followed by Grebeg Suro celebration.
Reog dance is also staged full moon nightly in paseban, Ponorogo Town Square.

According to the background of the study, Reog is tell about the struggle for a prince who will propose to his lovely pretty princess. This dance is staged about 25 - 40 dancers and musicians.
The interesting of Reog is in the main leading figure named Singo Barong.

The dancers of Singo Barong bear the mask for about 30 - 40 kg weight and supported by the strength of their teeth. Other leading figures in Reog include Kelono Sewandono, Bujang Anom, Jatil and Warok.

The visitors can enjoy this traditional dance only in Ponorogo, East Java - Indonesia. However, beside in particular event, if we are lucky we can see the Reog show in any other culture events outside Ponorogo, but the dancers and the teams are still coming from Ponorogo.


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Sounds like Bob might pull the plug if he has to send his show to Southfield. Sure hope that doesnt happen.

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