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19-06-2012, 16:06
Payangan beach is one of the coastal fishing village in Jember, but what I saw did not like the beach fishermen in general tend to be dirty and smelling of fish. In the fishing village Chedi beach really clean and no smell fishy, incredible! In fact I saw kabalikannya, a beautiful coastal area with scattered hills in the corner of the beach and the grassy expanse of sand.

Without wasting time we immediately rushing to the shore, a condition that can surprise me to see. Black sand clean of rubbish, just look broken - broken sea shells on the beach. A beach that will rarely we meet for the size of a beach with vehicle access is very easy, even a car can reach it.

Our arrival was greeted by a friendly weather to enjoy and capture the moments of sunset, I was able to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach Payangan.





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19-06-2012, 16:13