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12-06-2012, 09:25
When you want to go to the west Papua tour Tanjung Kasuari Sorong you certainly sould go to the city Sorong first. From city to beach resort Tanjung Kasuari Sorong you can use land transportation. the time needed to beach resort of the city Sorong Tanjung Kasuari is approximately 30 minutes. There are two alternative paths to reach the region's first alternative through a mountain path where you eyes will be pampered with a variety of trees during the trip, and the second alternative looks through the ocean along the coast where you travel. Public holidays Tanjung Kasuari Beach there is not any facility, you can just enjoy the sea water and white sand with palm trees which fruit can be enjoyed while sitting leisurely enjoying the beautiful Tanjung Kasuari Beach.

source: utariwonderfulpapua.blogspot.com


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22-11-2015, 08:13
very far, but nice place.. i love it.