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Lubuklinggau city save some natural tourist potential is quite charming and worth visiting. Call it eg Magic Hill, the iconic city is nicknamed Sebiduk Semareo and irrigation Watervang, Dutch heritage building built in 1941 ago. No less interesting to visit is the tourist sites Temam waterfall.

For the citizens of Lubuklinggau, Musirawas and tourist sites surrounding waterfalls Temam be one place for recreation, filling holiday. Coolness and beauty of natural scenery around the waterfall location, able to unwind from the fatigue of daily activities. On holidays and other holidays, this place is usually crowded with visitors to just relax with family or friends.

Unspoiled tourist attraction is located in the Village of South Lubuklinggau Rahma. To reach the location is not too difficult, because it can be reached by road, with asphalt road condition is good enough. Location waterfall that has a height of about 12 meters and 25 meters wide, only about 3.5 KM away from the road axis Lubukkupang, Simpangperiuk, or about 500 meters from the South Lubuklinggau Mapolsek. Meanwhile, if from the center of Lubuklinggau, to reach the site only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Arrive location, visitors can park at the location provided ample parking. The cost for each visitor levy that will go to localized waterfall, only Rp 2,000 per person. Although hindered by thick trees, but the location of parking, a waterfall thundering voice was heard, because it was quite close, only about 30 meters. Parking around the site, there are several places to rest in the form of a building without walls, furnished with seats made of cement.

To see the beautiful waterfalls Temam, visitors must walk down the stairs and high enough. Visitors should carefully down the stairs, because of slippery. Based ladder, there is ample courtyard, and visitors also must proceed cautiously, because the rock is also quite slippery.

In the courtyard, there are several pieces resting place of the giant mushroom is made of cement, complete with some seating pieces, which intentionally provided for visitors who want bersitirahat while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the waterfall. The atmosphere around the site is pretty cool and soothing. Thundering waterfalls and the sound of water gurgling rhythms, into its own symphony is quite soothing and refreshing. In addition to be able to relax while enjoying the natural scenery and beauty of the waterfall, visitors can also bathe the place is.

When a typical day like this, the visitor is not too crowded. Usually during the holidays, or holidays such as Eid, New Year and other holidays, this place is always crowded.

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