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28-05-2012, 17:43
Despite organising annual races in the Mandar area about 300km north of Makassar for the last 11 years - Sandeq Racing is only just coming to the notice of the broader public. In past years a lot of these spectacularly fast sailing craft were lying in mothballs as the crews decided to go to Mamuju and Donggala in search of tuna because the flying fish caviar prices are in the cellar this year. Oh! I have often wondered what those flimsy looking things where doing as they quickly whizzed by sometimes well out in rough seas crossing the notoriously dangerous Makassar Straits. Race participants or crew are usually drawn from the local coastal fishing villages along the way.

Coming from a western world full of high tech carbon fibre construction and multi million $$ racing campaigns, It seems ironic that providing a little public awareness and promotion for these simple, traditional bamboo outrigger sailing craft, which are mainly held together with fishing line and jute can produce enough personal pride and cultural dignity in developing a 3rd world community to become the main driving force for sustainable and appropriate development that no multi-billion dollar ‘project’ could bring.

source: asianyachting.com


Photo by: indonesianmaritimenews.com


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Video by: asiaitpolicy