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28-05-2012, 17:13
Palippis beach is located in the village of Bala, District Balanipa, Polewali Mandar. This beach is located on the side of public road that connects several cities in West Sulawesi province and is about 20 km from City Polewali has an attractive natural panorama. This provides flexibility for the tourists who come to the beach to play and run along the beach. The equally interesting tourists can watch the sunset on the western horizon.

Besides the beauty of the beach and ocean view, the surrounding coastal landscape temples there are no less interesting, like the bat cave and spread of the cliff. Not far from the shoreline or on the cliffs, there is a cave inhabited by thousands of bats. In Palippis Beach, many small huts can be used as a place of leisure for travelers who are tired after playing.

source: indonesia-gateway.web.id


Photo by: tripholiday.net


Photo by: tripholiday.net