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Ampera bridge is a bridge in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Ampera bridge, which has become a kind of symbol of the city, situated in the middle of the city of Palembang, linking regions Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir separated by the River Musi. This bridge could be called “Golden Gate” from Indonesia.

The structure of The Ampera Bridge shall:
Length: 1117 m (the center of the 71.90 m)
Width: 22 m
Height: 11.5 m from the surface water
Tower Height: 63 m from the surface soil
The distance between towers: 75 m
Weight: 944 tons

Historical of Ampera Bridge

Construction of this bridge started in April 1962, after obtaining approval from President Sukarno. Construction costs were taken from Japan’s war reparation funds. Not only the cost, even this bridge using experts from those countries.

At first, this bridge, called the Bridge of Bung Karno. According to historian Djohan Hanafiah, naming it as a form of appreciation to the First President of Indonesia. Bung Karno seriously fight for the desire of Palembang residents, to have a bridge over the River Musi.

Bridge dedication was made in 1965, and also reinforced the Bung Karno name as the name of the bridge. At that time, this bridge is the longest bridge in Asia tenggara. After political upheaval in 1966, when the anti-Sukarno very strong, the bridge’s name was changed to the Ampera bridge (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat or People’s Mandate Suffering in english).

Waiting for the New Face of the Ampera bridge. Around the year 2002, there were discourses to return the name of Bung Karno, as the name of this Ampera bridge. But this proposal did not receive support from the government and part of the community.

Features of the Ampera bridge

Not many people know that this Ampera bridge have the privilege of other bridges that exist in Indonesia, namely:

In the beginning, the middle body of this bridge can lift up the mast in order to not get caught passing underneath the bridge entity. The middle of the bridge can be removed with mechanical equipment, two weights of each weighting about 500 tons in two towers. The speed of his appointment about 10 meters per minute with a total time required to fully lift the bridge for 30 menit.Pada when the bridge lifted, the ship 60 feet wide and with a maximum height of 44.50 meters, can pass to the Musi River. When the bridge was not lifted, the maximum height of vessel can pass under the bridge only nine meters from the surface of the river water.

Since the year 1970, activities were ascending and descending the middle of this bridge is not done anymore. The reason, the time used to lift the bridge is considered to disrupt the flow of traffic on it.

In 1990, the pendulum weights on the bridge tower was lowered to avoid the collapse of the burden of this ballast.

Life kept moving and changing, so did the region this bridge shall keep moving, changes in rhythm with the waves ripple which cut up the Musi River, where up to now when you to the city of Palembang and have not visited this bridge seem less legitimate. So if you go to Palembang City you should visit Amprea bridge.

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I am visiting Palembang during the SEA Games and hope can visit this bridge. Hope to get to know a local who can take for the bridge tour and I can have a lot to write on my blog.

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