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16-04-2012, 16:50
Singkawang is a small town in the west Borneo, but there are many interesting tourism. One of these is Sinka Island Park that become a good choice, because there is a zoo which has many kind of animal. The Sinka Island Park is a suitable tourism for people whose the childs, to spend their holiday.
Sinka Island Park is located in " kelurahan sedau" , " kecamatan Singkawang selatan", around 9 km from Singkawang center. from Singkawang center you can go to there by bus, motorcycle, and our personal vehicle.
In Sinka island park we you enjoyable the beauty scenary of a cove, which has the quiet water and blast of wind which softness. You can also view the small islands on the both sides. On the sands, there are many small animallike as the small crab, lived in a hole under the sands. There are many big and green tree also, that make the air and the area so fresh and cold. At the side of the cove there is a zoo which has many kind of animal, like as the crocodiles, horses, monkeys, the big snake, etc. In there many kind of bird also, which swindled with thwir sweet sounds.
If you can feel hungry or thirsty, there are the hawkers that prepare many kind of food and beverage. In the afternoon, when the night will come you can enjoylable the exclusive scenary from the sunset. The sunset spray out the orange's light from behind of the island.

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Sinka Island Park Map

http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Teluk+Karang,+sinkawang,+West+Kalimantan,+I ndonesia&hl=en&ll=0.4779,109.289246&spn=1.889497,2.897644&sll=-0.65,112.366667&sspn=0.47238,0.724411&t=h&hq=Teluk+Karang,+sinkawang,&hnear=West+Kalimantan,+Indonesia&z=9

Sinka Island Park Video


Video by: LXXHendry

18-03-2015, 19:29
West and East Java, East Kalimantan and West Tenggara are great destinations with lots of hotels.....thanks

08-08-2015, 01:01
wanna go this place.

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