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Administratively, the Park Lake Sentarum entry in Kapuas Hulu regency, West Kalimantan Province , Indonesia . This national park covers 7 districts in Kapuas Hulu, the District of Batang Lupar, Badau, Embau, Bunut Downstream, Suhaid, Selimbau, and Semitau that enjoy the various tourist destinations in one place, the Sentarum Lake National Park in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan Province, need to be included in the agenda for your recreation.

Because, in Sentarum Lake National Park located in the eastern district of West Kalimantan Province, there are a variety of unique attractions, exciting, and challenging, such as jungle tours, educational tours, lake tours, village tours, cultural tours, and so forth.

When traced back, the area around Lake Sentarum has a long history before finally by the central government as a national park it is today. At first, the object tourism Kapuas Hulu is Sentarum Lake Nature Reserve area and an area of about 80,000 hectares. In 1991, based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia ratified the Ramsar Convention (The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance), the international convention on the conservation and wise use of wetlands established in Ramsar Iran on February 2, 1971. To follow up the decision, in 1994 the central government set Sentarum Lake area as a Ramsar site in Indonesia. This decision was taken, considering the area is one of the regional representatives stretch of flooding (lebak lebung, floodflain), according to some scientists, including the most extensive and well maintained in the Southeast Asian region.

Seeing its potential is so abundant and very important position, not only for Indonesia, but also for the world, on February 4, 1999 the area is designated as a National Park Lake Sentarum with an area of about 132 000 hectares.

Charming, exotic, and complete. So to speak when the tourists set foot impression of the Sentarum Lake National Park. For enthusiasts of forest tourism, Sentarum Lake National Park aptly chosen. Here, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of the forest is still virgin, saw large and small trees of various kinds, fresh air and clean, photographing wildlife, and camping. Terrain contours and paths up and down the winding far into the forest, which of course is the area coveted by lovers of cross-country sport.

National park forest area is also suitable be used as tourist attractions or scientific education. Because, in this region there are a variety of rare flora, such as tembesu / tengkawang (Shorea beccariana), jelutung (Dyera costulata), ramin (Gonystylus bancanus), meranti (Shorea sp.), Keruing (dypterocarpus sp), ironwood / purchase (Eusideroxylon zwageri), pungguk (crateva religiosa), menunggau (vatica manunggau), Putat (baringtonia acutangula), wood-year (carallia bracteata), Rengas (Gluta Rengas), Simpur (delenia excelsa), Bintangur (callophylum spp), bungur (largestonia speciosa ), Kawi (Shorea balangeran), and ransa (Eugeissona ambigua). While the rare fauna that still can be found in this area include herons tom-tom (leptoptilus javanicus), crocodile (tomistoma schlegeli), monkey (Macaca fasticularis), bekantan (nasalis larvatus), orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), bee (apis andreformis), and various species of birds. Presence of wildlife sanctuary offices, research centers, and laboratories on the island of Tekenang increasingly complement the region that have been announced by the Government of Kapuas Hulu as this ecotourism area.

Meanwhile, Lake Sentarum with all the charm and mystery, of course also of interest to lovers tours of the lake to sail every corner. The lake is located in the upper Kapuas River, so it determines the Kapuas River tidal water. Sentarum lake water like a giant piggy bank for the Kapuas River. In other words, the Kapuas River water depending on fluctuations in the water of Lake Sentarum. In the rainy season, the lake holds 25 percent of the Kapuas river water with lake water levels ranging between 6-8 meters. When dry season comes, the lake will supply half the water flowing Kapuas River. When entering a long dry season, Lake Sentarum would turn into vast expanse of desert. As is known, except Sintang, Kapuas River water through almost all districts in West Kalimantan, and will lead on the west coast of West Kalimantan.

In addition to these important positions, Sentarum Lake also has a uniqueness that does not exist in other lakes in Indonesia, namely the black lake water reddish tannim due to the influence of substances derived from peat forest around him. That said, according to some scientists, peat forest in this park is the world's oldest peat forest.
Except that, in this lake there are many different types of freshwater fish. In fact, this lake is a habitat for freshwater fish in the world's most complete. In it, found about 266 species, of which about 70 percent of them are freshwater fish species endemic to Borneo. Start the smallest size, such as fish linut (sundasalax cf. Microps) measuring about 1-2 inches with a transparent body Like the glass, up to a size of 200 centimeters, such as fish Tapah (wallago leeri), available at this lake. Fish cork, toman, baung, lais, Belida, and jelawat are among the types of fish are often obtained by doing all or fishermen while fishing in Lake Sentarum. The catch is, some of their own consumption and partly smoked and salted for sale. In addition, Lake Sentarum also the target of the ornamental fish hobbyists, because in this lake there are rare species of valuable ornamental fish is high, such as fish ulanguli (Botia macracantho) and arowana fish / red siluk super (Scleropages formasus).

Potency and broad Lake Sentarum that in such a way, give room to the traveler to do various activities there, such as fishing, boating around the lake, take pictures, see the fishermen who are doing all the fish, see the fishing village on the banks of the lake which is mainly inhabited by ethnic Malays. In addition, travelers can also enjoy the charm of the lake surrounding the green. Area lakes that formed in the Ice Age or Pleistocene period is enriched by four bodyguards eternal mountains like these, namely Lanjak mountains to the east, mountains to the west Muller, Madi mountains to the south, and mountains in the north Kelingkang.

For tourists who surround the lake area, do not forget to visit the island of Malay, which is an island located in the middle of Lake Sentarum. On the island, there is a rest house and a stone cupola of the population of Malays believed to be a princess who fled there during a tribal war in the land of Borneo in the past. Perhaps, what we ask for are in the Malay Islands will be granted. In addition, tourists from the island will be more free to enjoy the exoticism of the lake region.

Once satisfied to enjoy the charm and explore the area Sentarum Lake National Park, the tourists can visit the Dayak Iban settlement. Here, the tourists will be amazed to see daily life of the Dayak are still traditional and live in harmony with nature. They live in groups above the typical traditional house of Dayak, long known as the home or home betang. Typically, each custom house is occupied by 5-8 family units. In fact, the traditional houses are large, can accommodate about 15-30 head of the family. In addition to arts attractions were treated to typical Dayak tribe, the tourists also can see the farmer (periau) who traditionally harvest the honey bee. Here, honey bees nest in wood harvested from large (repak), artificial nests (tikung), and in any place (plainly).

National Park Lake Sentarum there are various facilities that can be enjoyed by travelers, such as tourist guides, wildlife sanctuary office, research centers, laboratories, rental boat to circumnavigate Lake Sentarum, shelter, and food stalls. Fishermen in the area also sell many kinds of fresh fish that can be enjoyed directly on the lake by way of baked or fried.

For tourists who want to spend the night, to stay in people's homes around the park or in the jasmine-class lodging located in Lanjak, Semitau, and Selimbau. For tourists who want to experience a different atmosphere, can stay at the houseboat (Lanting) are mostly found in Semitau or on the boat motor (Bandung) around Lake Sentarum. As for tourists who want to merge with nature, to camping at various locations in the region.

As presents for family and colleagues, tourists can buy pure honey, various kinds of salted fish, and unique knick-knacks are sold Dayak Dayak Iban in the township.

For tourists who choose air transport, can start the journey from Pontianak Supadio Airport using the aircraft pioneer species Casa 200 Series Pangsuma Airport Putussibau City, the capital of the Kapuas Hulu regency, with travel time about 1 hour 15 minutes. From City Putussibau, then continued towards Sentarum Lake National Park travel by boat (Bandong) via Nanga Suhaid, with travel time about 7 hours.

Travelers who want to use ground transportation, can take a bus from Terminal Inter Batu Layang Putussibau Pontianak to the city. From City Putussibau, proceed by boat to the TNDS.
In addition to Pontiac-Putussibau route, tourists can also visit Sentarum Lake National Park route-Pontiac-Sintang Semitau with approximately 11 hours. Then, from Semitau trip continued by boat Lanjak majors.

As for tourists who choose the sea route, could increase ship from Port to Port Putussibau Pontianak. Then, from Putussibau trip continued by boat (Bandong) toward Sentarum Lake National Park via Nanga Suhaid with travel time about 7 hours.

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