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28-03-2012, 10:14
Puger is a tourist site which lies 36 km southwest of Jember. This beach is famous for auctioning and selling fish. Not only enjoy the beauty of the sea but the visitors can also see the traditional wooden ship 'prau'. They also can buy the fresh fishes from the fishermen around the beach or try to fishing at the sea, using a canoe. It will be become an interesting activity.
Every year, the people around the coastal area celebrate the traditional rite of "Larung Sesaji”. These activities are performed in thanksgiving to God for safe passage on the sea, particularly by the Puger fishermen. They throw away a rice cone to the sea and wish their hope. This ceremony has done once a year.

Besides Puger Beach, there is also a beach which is more interesting called Kucur Beach. On this beach visitors can see red monkeys if they bring fruit or food. The monkeys seem very happy to welcome them. One of the native folk tales said that if the visitors hurt one of the monkeys, bad things will happen in their life. To get there, the visitors can take public transportation for 30 minutes after leaving Jember.

Don't doubt to visit Jember that rich of beautiful beach. Get nice holiday in this tourism area.

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