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Amantubillah Palace is located in the Inland Island Village, East Mempawah District, Regency of Pontianak , West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Amantubillah Palace is a palace of the Sultanate Mempawah in Pontianak district, West Kalimantan Province. Amantubillah word derived from Arabic that means "I believe in God." The name reflects that the sultan's palace and the Sultanate of Mempawah strongly believe in Allah and also symbolizes how strong the Islamic religious teachings imprinted on every soul of the Malays.
Cool and artistic. That's about the impression that appear when visiting the Palace Amantubillah. The green grass, palm trees that lined neatly, and various types of flowers are well ordered increasingly reinforce that impression. Moreover, the physical condition of the palace buildings that dominated the young green color still looks good with the support of Malay unique ornaments. In the courtyard, visitors can see the grassy plaza green and Jami'atul Khair Mosque, mosque Mempawah Sultanate, who stood gracefully.

Buildings Palace Amantubillah consists of three parts. The main building is located in the middle, while the buildings are in the right-wing supporters and left. The main building was formerly a sultan's throne and the empress, and the sultan and his family residence. In this room visitors can see pictures of the sultan and his family, kris, over sized clothing, and the royal umbrella. Building the right-wing palace formerly used as a place to prepare for and place of the family palace banquet. Now, the building functioned as a residence courtiers. While building the left wing of the palace functioned as a hall of the palace. The building was formerly used as a hall and a place to take care of all things relating to government administration.

In the palace complex, visitors can see the swimming baths former sultan and his family. Unfortunately, the swimming baths is not working anymore, because of silting and closing of the water channel that connects the pond with child Mempawah River. In addition, visitors can still see the former resting place and place of leisure (the gazebo), the sultan and his family. In the vicinity of the Palace Amantubillah there are facilities such as mosques, places of accommodation, food stalls, kiosks and stalls. In addition, the road to this castle is paved smooth, making it easier for visitors who use the two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel to access them. Mempawah City is about 67 kilometers north of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. From Supadio Airport or Bus Terminal Pontianak, visitors can take a taxi, travel, and the bus until Mempawah City, the capital of Pontianak regency. From City Mempawah, Amantubillah Palace is about 10 kilometers with a travel time of about two hours. Visitors can access the palace around the area hill Rama is by bus or minibus.

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by nizar kauzar

by nizar kauzar