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20-03-2012, 16:31
Sultan Nata Jamik Sintang Sintang Mosque Palace complex is situated in the village of Kiri Hilir Kapuas, District Sintang, Sintang District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Sultan Nata Jamik Mosque Palace complex is located in Al Mukarrammah Sintang , precisely in village of Kapuas Kiri Hilir, City Sintang. Construction of this mosque is inseparable from the spread of Islam that occurred in the City Sintang. Sultan Nata Mosque using stage-house architecture typical of coastal rivers. Construction of mosque building made entirely of wood.

The foundation, frame construction, girder beams, roof coverings, and floor boards made of wood purchase. Sultan Nata Mosque actually has undergone renovation several times, but the eight pillars made of wood will be retained in the original purchase date. Pole form cylindrical timber of more than 10 meters high is still standing strong despite her age has exceeded three centuries.

There is a story wrapped in the mystical underpinnings of this affair. Around the year 1997, when the Kapuas River receded, the water source comes from one of the pillars that supposedly can provide healing, so that people in droves to drink it. But unfortunately, today, the source of water that had been closed. The building of this mosque has three bunk roof. The roof of the first and second pyramid-shaped, while the cone-shaped roof of the third octagonal. Conical roof form is also used on the roof of the two twin towers located beside the mosque. Each section in the mosque covered with white paint with a little green lines on some parts, such as the window, the basic pillars, and walls. As a sweetener decoration, curtains cover the windows is selected which is yellow, the color of a typical Malay. While in the corner of the mosque, there are hundreds of years old drum made from a tree intact.

After renovation in 2000, this mosque is equipped with a wide grass park, with ornate palm trees that shade. At the front of the mosque, also built a wooden pedestrian bridge that connects the mosques and palaces that are separated by a paved road. Since that year, the mosque was designated a cultural heritage site Sintang. In this mosque, travelers can see the composition of the princes / minister of religion of the Kingdom Sintang from time to time. In addition, the takmir mosque also provides a simple book that tells the history of the founding of the mosque as well as renovation, renovation ever undertaken. Jamik Masjid Sultan Nata has a place of ablution facilities and toilets that can be used by visitors. In addition, the mosque also has a lawn and garden area with ample parking. To obtain a more adequate information about the history of the Kingdom of Sintang, tourists can visit the Palace Sintang through a wooden bridge connecting the mosque and palace. In this palace there are many historical relics Sintang Kingdom.

For more complex needs, such as the need for lodging, restaurants, and shopping fruit and special food Sintang city, the travelers can get it at the City Sintang, especially around Terminal Market Durian. To achieve this mosque, travelers can use the bus or rental car from Pontianak (West Kalimantan provincial capital) towards the City Sintang during + 9 hours. From City Sintang, precisely at the Terminal Market Durian, tourists can ride a motor boat to cross the Kapuas River toward Sintang Palace complex.

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