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20-03-2012, 16:23
Muliakarta Palace is situated in the village of Muliakarta, Sub Continent Kayong, Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Muliakarta Palace is the Palace of the Sultanate of Tanjungpura / Sultanate of Matan, which contained the oldest sultanate in West Kalimantan Province. Named Palace Muliakarta because this court was in the administrative area of ??the Village Muliakarta. In addition, this palace is also known by the name of Gusti Muhammad Saunan Panembahan Palace, taken from the name of a famous sultan with authority and wit.

Elegance of the palace that the majority of the construction of buildings made of wood purchase / ulin (euderoxylon zwageri) this can already be seen and felt from a distance. Yellow color that dominates the building makes it more elegant palace eyes. In the tradition of Malay society, yellow is a symbol of dignity and moral grandeur. Gate an artistic and beautiful with a yellow dominance seemed to give signs to the visitor, that this palace was built with the concept of a mature and through a series of deep reflection, so that the palace is filled with philosophical meaning. The gate is also a symbol of hospitality all the inhabitants of the palace and at the same time indicating that the palace was open to all walks of life.

Cool and peaceful atmosphere has been felt once set foot in the palace complex. The flowers are arranged neatly in a vase and a variety of trees that grew around the palace shows the commitment of its inhabitants have to live in harmony with nature. To the left of the entrance, there is a tower that was once the palace serves as a checkpoint. Off Light cannon, one of the relics of the imperial arms, there in the courtyard. In front of the palace roof bumbungan, posted a carved royal crown detail and artistic.

In the room in the palace, there is a meeting hall (hall), office work place sultan, and three rooms were formerly used as a residence sultan with his family. Various collection of palaces, like the throne of the sultan and queen, the sultan and his family photos, fabric weaving typical kingdom, bed Panembahan Gusti Muhammad Saunan, various ancient batik, as well as objects and tools Tanjungpura Sultanate of other relics, saved well at the palace .

In the afternoon, visitors will be amazed by the exotic charm Muliakarta Palace, let alone be seen from the boat that runs slowly on a quiet Pawan River. In the vicinity of the Palace area Muliakarta there are various facilities, such as mosques, food stalls, tour guides, kiosk telephone kiosk, credit vouchers, souvenirs centers and souvenirs, as well as canoe rentals and boat speed for the area surrounding the palace. Ketapang located in the southern city of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. From Pontianak to Ketapang, visitors can ride an express ship with a travel time of about 7 hours.

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