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16-03-2012, 11:44
Gedambaan beach is located approximately 14 miles from city Kotabaru, or rather in the Village Gedambaan, District of North Sea Island, District Kotabaru. Gedambaan beach offers the beauty that can provide the inner satisfaction of its guests. In addition to the white sand beaches sparkling sunlight, the landscape will also hypnotize the visitors so that linger at home on this beach.
From this beach, visitors can watch the sunrise and sunset with a panoramic view of the sparkling sea water. With such beauty, the beach is a beach (Ge)'s dream and anyone who will ever visit.

On the day or on Sunday and the holiday season, thousands of visitors both from South Kalimantan, Borneo itself or from outside it will be crowded tourist sites. On days off hundreds or even thousands of vehicles both public transport and private vehicles will be crowded this beach area.

To maintain the cleanliness of these places, every week the local district government employees deployed in turns to perform clean-up action. In addition, the supporting facilities such as rest areas, a large aquarium, fruit and flower garden, a mirror a thousand shadows, mini circuits, space physics spacecraft, a mini recording studio and the camping ground will soon be held. Gaming stations will also be built which will be filled bowling place and several other sports facilities.

Gedambaan beach is a bit of beach in Indonesia still has a mangrove forest. This mangrove forest is the habitat of several species of fauna, such as: birds, fireflies and bees.

Another specialty of Gedambaan Beach is located at the foot of the mountains of North Island are still green and is also adjacent to several other tourist attractions, such as swimming pools and hot water bathing Sigam. In other words, if visitors have been enjoying the beauty of the beach Gedambaan, it can easily visit other tourist attractions.

In addition to means of transport is quite good, Gedambaan Coast also has a cottage (accommodation), prayer house, fishing pond, food stalls, and seating along the coast. In this coastal area is also provided large parking area making it easier for visitors to park the vehicle safely. For visitors who want to stay around the coast, can be rented cottage.

To achieve Gedambaan Coast, visitors can use public transport such as buses and minibuses. If visitors plan to visit some other attractions, it's good to be more comfortable using a personal vehicle.

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photo by Lucky Guy