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Forest Park is located in District Murhum Kendall, District Mandonga, Kendari, and Sub District Soropia Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Forest Park located in the mountains Murhum Nipa-Nipa, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. The park is one of 16 nature conservation area located in Southeast Sulawesi. Area of forest botanical garden is approximately 8146 ha and an altitude of 25-500 m above sea level (asl).
Meanwhile, the topography sloping, hilly, mountainous with a condition to the slopes with a slope of 15 to 40%. While the soil types found in the surrounding forest of red-yellow-colored Podzolik. On June 12, 1995, Minister of Forestry sets Nipa-Nipa Mountain area as a Forest Park Murhum through Decree (SK) The Minister of Forestry No. 289/Kpts-11/95. Before the decision of the Minister of Forestry out, in 1993, Southeast Sulawesi governor has set a first region Nipa-Nipa Mountain Forest Park as Murhum through SK No. 808 of 1993 Dec. 6. As for the name of the park formerly known as Nipa-Nipa replaced with Murhum taken from the name of the first Sultan of Buton. Before the highway designated as a forest park, formerly Nipa-Nipa Mountain composed of several groups of forests is widely used by local people. Among the group of the forest is a forest nature reserves and tourism forests with an area of about 972 ha; limited production forest area of about 4209 ha; and permanent production forests with an area of approximately 2965 ha.

Forest Park has a wide Murhum uniqueness, ranging from the types of flora and fauna, to its natural beauty. Various types of flora present in the park, including small plants, such as various kinds of bushes, shrubs, and various tree trunks with a diameter ranging from below 10 cm to the larger. Tree species, such as ironwood (metrosideros petiolata), EHA (Castanopsis buruana), bolo-bolo (adenandra celebica), bolo-bolo white (thea lanceolata), wood puta (baringtonia racemosa), parinari sp., Pandanus mats (Pandanus aurantiacus), parinari sp, and various species of palm (nengelfa sp., pinanga caesia, and ucuala sp.). In addition to the trees, also grow various species of rattan (Daemonorops sp.), Such as rattan stems (Calamus zolfingeri), and the symbol of rattan (Calamus ornatus var. Celebicus). In addition to the variety of flora, Murhum Forest Park has a variety of wildlife (fauna), among them the anoa, deer, possum, raccoons Sulawesi, hornbill, musk Sulawesi, sea eagles (haliastus leucogaster), and various species of butterflies.

In the woods, there is a waterfall that can be used for bathing and not far from the waterfall there is a historical relic site of Japan's defenses (bunkers) on which the cannon weapon equipped. The combination of various flora, fauna, and exotic scenery plus the existence of these historical sites make Forest Park Murhum the main attraction is pity to miss. For tourists who come from out of town and want to stay, no need to worry because in the city as the capital city of Turkey Southeast Sulawesi widely available a convenient hotel to stay. Hotel choices were varied, ranging from hotel to hotel star jasmine. Likewise with food and beverages, along the road in the city of Kendari many houses lined dining and restaurants serving a variety of menus, so that the tourists can choose a suitable place with a taste for fun dining. To go to Forest Park Murhum, can be started from the airport to the Village Kemaraya Walter Mongisidi then to the Benu-Continent, Tipulu, Sodohoa, Gunung Jati, and Mango Two by public transport or private vehicles. After arriving at the Mango Two, proceed to Nipa-Nipa Mountain (Forest Park Murhum) by walking through the trail as far as 3.5 km with a travel time of about 2 hours.

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