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Buton is an island and regency in Southeast Sulawesi, it is famous for the production of bitumen. The largest city on the island is Bau-Bau, which is also the capital of this regency. Buton included in the administrative area of Southeast Sulawesi Province.

At early begin, the governmental of Buton regency was the part of the kingdom of Buton or Sultanate of Buton. Some areas was in the island of Muna, little part in Sulawesi island, and some islands in the southern part in Buton island. Now with the new regions, the area is divided into several districts:
1. Buton regency
2. Bau-Bau regency
3. Wakatobi regency
4. Bombana regency
Of the four districts, which are on the island of Buton is Bau-Bau and part of Buton Regency.

The indigenous who live in Buton is Buton tribe. Like any other tribes in Sulawesi, Buton people is also the great sailor men. Gerenally, Buton people are the people who inhabit the territory of the Sultanate of Buton. These areas have now become some counties and cities in Southeast Sulawesi including Baubau City, Buton regency, North Buton regency, Wakatobi, Bombana and Muna. However, Muna people now prefer to call themselves as Muna people than Buton people.

Besides being the sailor men, people of Buton is alrso familiar with agriculture since the old time. The commodities include rice fields planted, maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, cotton, coconut, betel nut, pineapple, banana, and many things for everyday living.

Moreover, Buton people is also famous by its high civilization, and those legacy can stil be seen in the Sultanate of Buton. There is the world largest fortress of Buton Sultanate Fortress, Malige palace which is Buton traditional custom home that firmly stand without any nail on it.

Those contributions are also become the tourism destination for those who want to visit Buton island. Beside, there are also some tourism attractions like Wakatobi national park, Lakeba beach, Lambungsango forest and other cultural things like the dance and the ceremonies.

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