View Full Version : Meranti waterfall, Gorontalo

22-02-2012, 17:18
The atmosphere is very natural attraction surrounded by green trees and fresh. Eve is cool with the mountain air with the birds singing - birds. Meranti Waterfall tub hidden paradise for lovers of Nature. Various activities can be undertaken at the tourist sites, ranging from camping, exploring nature and swim in a pool filled with water from natural mountain waterfall.

Waterfall is located in the village of Meranti Meranti Tapa district, District Bolango Bone. Distance from City Goronalo about 20 km to the north. Admission to the Tapa district, precisely in the field Ippot Tapa, you go into the village gate Donggala. Passing through the village and village Donggala Langge with a winding road - turns and uphill.

16-08-2013, 17:28
Meranti Waterfall Gorontalo is avery beautiful sight for the lovers of the nature.the surrounding of green & trees adds to its beautyit can be used for camping swimming etc.