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14-02-2012, 10:57
In addition to having the beach, Pangkalpinang city also has a panoramic hill in the diamond district and named the Bukit Bukit Girimaya. Distance from city center and approximately 2 km from the airport Depati Amir about 4 km. From the top of this hill we can enjoy the beautiful panorama Pangkalpinang city, both during the day or night. At any given time in the morning and evening, the Bukit Girimaya used by the people of Pangkalpinang to the gym to sweat just walking and breathing fresh air.

For tourists who love the sport of golf, at the foot of Mount Girimaya there are 18 hole golf course a national level. The tourists can avail the facility of the golf course, including meals and drinks are available at the Bukit Girimaya the restaurant. This area along the existing golf course, surrounded by green hills and
forests, so a lot of fun.

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