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31-01-2012, 17:05
Serelo hill is located about 20 km from the town of Lahat. Locals call it the Mount Point (part of the mountain hills just thumbs .. but still funny as well), because the peak shapes are similar finger sticking into the sky.

If you are traveling from Muara Enim, 20 miles into town ahead of Lahat, the hill is clearly visible on the left. Below this may be a complex to tame, train and educate the elephant. About 40 heads been domesticated in this place, but only some of which can be relied upon for the visitors. You can also create images with the elephants. Staying give a tip of Rp. 5.000, - to the handler and you can pose as much. No matter whether you are going to shoot for a roll of film or slides. But do not forget to give gifts to the elephants, in the form of candy, nuts and so on.

In some places below the hill there are several places to camp or recreational. The scouts and young children frequently visiting those places. A small stream with clear water and not contaminated, can refresh you.


Source: djaloe.wordpress.com

by R Sunniva

03-05-2012, 15:01
http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Lahat,+South+Sumatra,+Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-3.84884,103.729134&spn=0.117837,0.181103&sll=-3.783616,103.549855&sspn=0.471381,0.724411&oq=Lahat,+South+Sumatra,+Indonesia&t=h&hnear=Lahat+Regency,+Lahat,+South+Sumatra,+Indones ia&z=13