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31-01-2012, 12:50
Makam Sabokingking is a graveyard of the early kings of Islamic empire in Palembang; it’s been around for 500 years. Some of the people buried there: Prince Sido Ing Kenayan and his wife, Queen Sihuhun, Sido Ing Pasaeran, also known as Jamaluddin Mangkuran I (1630-1652), Imam Al Habib Al Arif Billah Umar bin Muhammad Al Idrus bin Shahab, Prince Ki Bodowongso (1622-1635), and Commander Kiai Kibagus Abdurachman.

The graveyard is located in Sei Buah, east of lower course II, Palembang. The graves of Prince Sido Ing Kenayan and his wife are not too far away from their grandfather’s, Ki Gede Ing Suro, which is located in Haji Umar Street, lower course I, Palembang. Queen Sihuhun was the granddaughter of Ki Gede Ing Suro.

Under the reign of Prince Sido Ing Kenayan, Queen Sihuhun was able to create a law book called “Simbur Cahaya.” This was a written traditional law and applied in all of Sumatera Selatan. There are also public cemeteries around that area. To access this place, we can either go through the Sabokingking Street or Arafuru Street. Makam Sabokingking is the oldest graveyard for kings and royal families in Palembang.



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http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Jalan+Arafuru,+Palembang,+Sumatera+Selatan, +Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-2.974895,104.791031&spn=0.007371,0.011319&sll=-2.977231,104.790591&sspn=0.007371,0.011319&oq=Jalan+Ara,+Palembang,+Indonesia&t=h&hnear=Jalan+Arafuru,+Ilir+Timur+I,+Palembang,+Suma tera+Selatan,+Indonesia&z=17