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Enchantment Island beach Rupat is the name given to the North Island people Rupat Rupat Island Coast which extends in the North Rupat and dealing directly with the Malaysian border. This beach was formerly have different names according to the naming of the citizens of each village that Lapin Cape Coast, Cape Coast Beach Tanjung Rhu and Punak.

The island itself has a wide Rupat 1524.84 km2, which is actually a combination of four islands that seemed to coalesce into an island. Consists of two districts namely Rupat District and Northern District Rupat. Subdistrict Rupat Rupat were in the south island and has 10 villages, namely, Makeruh, Stone Long, Long Forest, Base Nyirih, Pergam, Sei Cingam, Sukarjo Mesim, Cape Ships, Terkul, and the Gulf of glutinous.

Northern Subdistrict Rupat as the name suggests, are north of the island Rupat and has 5 villages namely Kadur, Medang Cape, Cape Punak, Rhu Bay, and Titi Roots. Both these districts have different potentials. Northern Subdistrict Rupat have tourism potential of water with a beautiful sand beach. The beach is called Island of Enchantment Rupat North Coast which is the object Bengkalis coastal tourism development.
Rupat Island beach

This beach extends from east to west and come face to face with the Cape of Deer in Port Dickson - Malaysia. Coastal areas that have a group of mineral soil to the level of youth development, either with or without the characteristic features hidromorfik hidromorfik. North Coast could see the ships passing the national and international, it is supported sea state has a depth of 10-30 meters.

When admin RiauMagazine visit to the Gulf Coast Village Charm of Rhu Island North Rupat November 2011 ago, is still quite difficult, especially transportation from the Port of Tanjung Medang Rupat island towards the village of Rhu Bay as one of the tourist sites in the coastal charm. The lack of public transport tersediaan eventually covered by a society that provides two-wheeler motorcycle taxi at the cost of mutual bargaining.

Rupat own transportation to the island is already fluent with the availability speedboat, RoRo ships, or ships pompong from some other ports to Rupat. From Port of TPI Dumai available to the Port of Tanjung speedboat Medang Rupat with cost Rp.110.000 takes about 2.5 hours. Then there is also a RoRo ship to the port of Tanjung Dumai Rupat Ship in the South who can continue the journey overland to the Gulf Coast in the Village Charm of Rhu. Another route is to use a speedboat from Bengkalis to the port of Tanjung Medang and pompong ship that will dock at Kadoor (Kadur).

All efforts to reach the location of the Island Coast which has been named Coast Rupat this Enchantment was treated with natural beauty. Sand beach that extends 12 miles and fairly flat is very fun to play ball or other games. Enchantment beach conditions are similar to conditions in the east of Bali Sanur Beach with sand flat. If weather conditions are good at night, it would seem light-light in Port Dickson Malaysia.




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