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Sinka Island Park

One of the new tourist destination in Singkawang tourist areas located in the Coral Bay / Gulf Ma'jantuh. Located south of the city Singkawang 8 km before entering the town Singkawang. From the highway Pontianak - Singkawang just 3 km.

Is a future tourist attraction that offers modern entertainment facilities and natural, seaside tourist area overlooking the beach presents and other entertainment for families supported by various facilities such as the wagon and horses for visitors to rent for around this recreation park. Besides providing a pool manager, Canteen and others.

The uniqueness of this recreational park is located on the coast and displays of rare animals, both local and outside the region, this recreational park has also built bridges to the island Simping.
One of the excellent facilities Sinka Zoo is located in the area Sinka Island Park, the exact distance to the south by 500 meters after entering Sinka Island Park.

The uniqueness of this zoo is located in different directions around the mountain and seen the beauty of the sea from the top of the mountain, featuring rare animals, both local and outside the region, this recreational park also has a car carrier to travel around the mountain.


Pasir Panjang

Pasir Panjang beach has long been a popular recreation place, overlooking the Natuna Sea and several small islands around it, among other Lemukutan island, islands and island Kabung Randayan. Small boats and speed boats can be hired here to go to these islands.

As a place of recreation, tourist attraction has been equipped with supporting facilities as well as around the coast has many hotels, cottages, shops, discos and other facilities available for tourists.
This place is very suitable for people who love sports swimming, fishing, diving and water skiing or surfing. Pantai Pasir Panjang in the District Seventeen, only 17 km from the city center Singkawang.
Condition of the driveway has been paved and can be bypassed by the four-wheeled vehicles. Means of transportation from and to Pasir Panjang in the form of public transport, taxis, minibuses and private vehicle

Beautiful Ocean

After 40 years waiting for improvement, finally Wisata Alam Pantai Indah Ocean began in demand of tourists. Although the number of visits has not much, but the uniqueness and diversity that make this place has as one of the local tourists visit during the holidays.

A strategic location and a position Patai from the South China Sea. The beach extends from the south to the east about 5 miles. Just like the other beaches in this area, Ocean Beach was blessed with gently sloping beach of white sand. And as a busy traffic area, no doubt, most of the beach marked with impromptu shops or permanently for mengaring buyers.

Not excessive if whenever a law professor from Eramus Univesity Rotterdam, The Netherlands Sander L Gellalerty was named the second beach after Kuta, Bali.
But unfortunately that has existed for decades terpromosikan was not until many who did not know existed.
"The beauty of Ocean Beach is not lose to the beach in Bali. But, surprisingly there was no promotion kok. How do investors want to tackle, if you do not know the potential of this kind,''the father said this when lecturers come to the office of the Bureau of Singkawang yesterday.

The owners of capital are apparently still waiting for the beach not far borders Singkawang area. Therefore, lack of investment information including rare promotion may be one of the constraints introduced this beach to investors.

So far, Ocean coast as netting behind Bengkayang district. But after this coastal area is opened, now many eyes of many people could see her beauty immediately. Pemadangan itself can be seen when the school summer holidays tens or even hundreds of four-wheel drive cars and two in line at the beach. Not overlooking the beach just promising enough to be enjoyed in the eyes menyekuruh, but the stretch of the beach area is agriculture, especially plantation area. Coastal area has long been a center of the coconut plantations, including marine fisheries are large enough.

The proof, the average population on the beach still use it as a source of income keluarga.Tetapi unfortunately, the owners of capital have not yet seem drawn to this beach. Up to now only local residents are managing it. Itupun traditionally concerned that the beach has been formed by natural beauty.
To enjoy the beautiful sea, manager of Ocean beach cottage situated to provide the stone. Should, investors get in to fix the location to the available natural potential, not just off.
Ocean beaches to the new offer, especially for residents of Pontianak in West Kalimantan fill Saturday and Sunday holidays. Besides the problem of distance, the natural landscape is still relatively original.


The Park Hill Bougenville

Flower garden is located south of the village of precisely Sijangkung and is 6 km from the town of Singkawang, its position is located in the foothills of Mount Pasi background and surrounded by forest and plantation areas. This park has an area of 1.5 ha, although the interest Bougenville the main display, but there are also a variety of other flowers and a beautiful park setting to be enjoyed by families and youth. The facilities available to visitors have given the impression relative 'comfort' to be enjoyed, ranging from public facilities such as parking lots, small mosque, cottages, lounges, rest rooms, Cafeteria, mini pool for children until a homogeneous forest called "Area Super Cool "and can be used for area wedding photography, nature, and so on. Equipped hospitality greet you from every room to serving your own menu. Come and let your eyes and your soul enjoy the beautiful landscape in the Park Hill Bougenville.


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