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That morning we departed from Surabaya to Tuban to explore the tourist attractions in the city. But before we took time to stop for a moment at the Office of Tourism and Sports Tuban. There we met with Mr. Heru, one employee and Olaharaga Tourism Office, which happens quite familiar with the ins and outs of existing attractions in Tuban. And after we discuss together finally decided to try a trip to the museum is named Kambang White.

White Kambang Museum is the only museum located in Tuban. The location is very strategic in downtown Tuban and is in the same region with Tuban town square, the Grand Mosque and the Tomb of Sunan Bonang fairly crowded locals and also tourists from out of town. At the Museum of the White Kambang we will find historic objects collected from various regions in Tuban.

After filling the guest book and giving donations to the museum treatment, we were invited by a man to enter the museum. Arriving in me was amazed because it turns on one part of the museum there is a collection of money Indonesia since it was first issued. Money Indonesia which was first issued are ORI (Oeang Republic of Indonesia) in October 1946, printed in the village of Kendal Payak, Turen District, Malang Regency. Printed on paper that is still simple, the design is still simple. And there is also the RIS (United Republic of Indonesia), the money spent in 1950 to replace the NICA and ORI money from circulation, which was then replaced with RI currency issued by Bank Indonesia in the year 1952/1952.

In the room I was preparing reflex digital camera and prepared to take a picture that is in the museum. "In the museum are not allowed to take pictures of gold, there are laws," said the father sternly museum supervisor. Looks like he's really familiar with the behavior of museum visitors who like to take the picture.

I also understand the reasons why it is prohibited to take pictures for security reasons because in the museum there are many historical objects of high value and save the City Tuban story. In addition to a collection of ancient money, there is also a collection that emphasized ethnic and religious diversity of the community Tuban, in the form of shadow puppets and puppet show, a replica of the Lion Dance, which is a symbol of the dragon which is one symbol of Chinese culture, some kind of traditional musical instruments and even collection of fossils and ancient objects.

Room by room had passed until I finally reached the last room in the museum, the building has large rooms and tall, as well as the facade of the building looks like an old building with a Dutch high columns. "It used to be Dutch offices, government offices had become so well before the museum", the story of the father who had accompanied the superintendent museum we saw the collection in the museum.

From this experience I feel that visiting museums is not boring and also fun. I also recommend to all to cultivate the museum and get the children to visit museums, tour while you learn and know the history of our own nation.

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