View Full Version : Prataan Natural Hot Spring, Tuban - East Java - Indonesia

10-01-2012, 09:50
Prataan pool is located in the teak forest region in Wukirharjo village, Parengan district.
This location is cool enough and also beautiful. There is chirping of various birds on the tree, increased the enjoyment of the atmosphere when we were bathing to enjoy the warmness of water in the basin that was made from porcelain.

The other surplus of this water source is that it has believed can heal skin disease and reumatic and also other disease. This hot water contain of iron (Fe) and sulfur (S), so it can be an alternative medication for skin diseases and rheumatics.

This hot spring pool, which the temperature reaches 56 degrees Celcius, is located in the middle of the forest region Perhutani KPH Parengan, about 45 Km from the centre of the city to the side of South shared a border with Bojonegoro Regency.