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06-01-2012, 17:20
Next south of Bojonegoro city about 13 km, there is nature tourism object and artificial tourism object, precise in Dander village, Dander district, that famous with Tirtawana, Tirta meaning Water and Wana meaning that the Forest. It’s mean that there is water in the forest. Tirta Wana Dander is a tourism object that has full of nature panorama that very beautiful, because there are many big trees and shady also tropical plants that made the air becomes cool and fresh. Here has built very wide swimming pool, that consisted of two parts, west side is for the women and child then east side is for the adult. Because of its beauty of nature and its coolness air, then in the holiday, the tourists often visit Tirtawana Dander.

Tirtawana Dander also equipped with a place to play, to camp, provided by golf-course for who have hobby to played golf. The visitors come to this tourism object are to relax, swimming, or play golf.

This place has its unique geographical because its fresh nature. The pool is taken from the natural water source that very clean and clear so that we will feel fresh if we take a bath in this poll.

There is some support equipments, such as; toilet, float, jump board, playground, shelter, kiosks, meeting room, golf field, camping ground, etc.




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Wana Tirta Dander Map


Wana Tirta Dander Video


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