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Semidang Bukit Kabu area has a total area regency hunting park of 15,300 Ha. This region there are still many endangered species are protected, such as the Sumatran tiger, deer, deer, wild boar, and various other rare animals.

This area is a paradise for hunters to hunt pigs. This boar is the only kind of animals are allowed to be hunted using a firearm or traditional hunting and for those who use firearms must obtain permission.
Semidang Bukit Kabu is located in the district Gutters IV (Central Bengkulu district) and district Seluma (South Bengkulu district). Geographically Park Hill Semidang Buru regency lies between 102 31'-102 37 'latitude and 03 54' - 04 00 'East Longitude. Nature Reserve region topography is relatively flat with gradients of 0% -8% with an average altitude of the location of 15 m asl.
Geological structure in the nature reserve area consists of rocks Neogin (Pliosin, myosin), moderate soil type consists of Organosol, Gleihumus and Regosol. The climate type classification according Schidth and Ferguson is type A.

Flora The dominant type of region are Meranti (Shorea sp), whereas other types in the region is Pelangas (Aporos aurita), Komutum (Cratoxylon sp). Semidang Buru regency Hill Park is a wet tropical forest ecosystems of low soil. There is wildlife wild boar (Sus sp.), Deer (Cervus sp.), Deer Muntiacus muntjak), tapirs, snakes, bears and the monkeys and various birds.

To reach the location of Mount Kabu Semidang can use four-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles / private vehicles, with the lines: Bengkulu, Swipe (20 km), from Swipe to the location of 20 km. Bengkulu-Talbot (25 Km), Talbot to the location of 12 km. Bengkulu-Tumbu'an (40 km), Tumbu'an to a location 25 km. Bengkulu-Tabalagan (25 Km), Tabalagan to location 5 km.

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Photo by: kisahpuaz.wordpress.com

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