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Most of the residential population in the District of Mukomuko scattered along the beach coast of Bengkulu province. No wonder the county is rich in marine tourism. If some time ago Radutraveling team had visited the beach in the Village District Ipuh Cracks Ilir, has recently returned menapakkan team trail at the Beach Village Water Hemp.

No less beautiful with Cracks Coast Ilir, marine tourism on the beach which is also the estuary of five rivers, we will find the natural coolness of the breeze through the beauty of nature combined with the charm around him. In contrast to the location of cracks Ilir Beach, this beach location more easily reached. Because the region is quite close to population centers and the capital district.

Accompanied by a young boy Rami Water, Bastian and two other residents, Japar and washes, to arrive at the location of this tour we just travel a distance of 300 meters from the road cross-Mukomuko Bengkulu. Decorated with a grain of sand stretch of dazzling beach and cool breeze welcomed the team traveled recently.

After a brief rest, we directly traced the beach area that lies approximately along the 2 km. In addition to offering coolness through the wind, this tourist area also offers the beauty of the estuary. For information, the estuary in coastal areas are at the end of the five streams that exist in the District of Mukomuko.

No less beautiful with the estuary, the estuary is also standing sekiling dashing plateau. If visitors come to this location at the time the sun will set, the natural beauty of this will be more charming because we could see a tinge of red light like a sunset. Moreover, typically tens of traditional fishing boats are lined up neatly on the edge of the estuary. Hmm .. absolutely beautiful.

About 2 hours tracing Beach Water Hemp, we also visited the haven that is still in the area of the Village Water Hemp. This area is often known as Agam Coast. Here, visitors are more crowded because Agam beach is located on the edge of the causeway.

According to Bastian, the beauty of this beach area would actually be more beautiful if not tampered with abrasion. "Formerly this crowded beach area. But over time and not terawatnya these attractions, the visitors began to decrease. But during the holidays, this area remains crowded," he said.

Not to Maximum
Not only the lack of attention from the government, but it seems residents around the site is still half-heartedly take care of him. Ideally, continued Japar, the attention of government should be supported by the cohesiveness and community commitment to provide comfort for visitors.

If managed optimally, he believes this tour can be stretched around the community economy, in addition to contribute to the local PAD. "For that we sincerely hope to Regency Mukomuko related offices to read through this opportunity. Galakkan more greening, though not barren. Because of its potential, the beach is quite strategic for development," the sweep. (Doni Aftarizal - Radar Utara)

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