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Mas Harun Bastari Lake, is among the many attractions that exist in Rejang Lebong (RL), the province of Bengkulu. Lake with a beautiful natural panorama, the main attraction of the tourists visiting the lake which is located not far from Mount Kaba this.

Before entering the gates of Mas Harun Bastari Lake, first tourists welcomed the green landscape. Hills on either side of the road covered with various vegetables. So that this area is also referred to as the centra of vegetables, in addition to the results of the famous coffee. Therefore, this area includes one of the suppliers of vegetables to Jambi and South Sumatra.

The cool air, combined with its natural beauty that is very intriguing able to refresh the brain, after a day of struggling with the routine work which is sometimes very tedious. Of course, moments mingle with the family while throwing the hook into the surface of the lake is filled with various kinds of fish will not be found if not try visiting Mas Harun Bastari Lake.

Mas Harun Bastari Lake glorious reefs located in the Village District Selupu Rejang, located about 19 kilometers from the city Curup (Rejang Lebong district capital), or about 25 kilometers from the city Lubuk Linggau, South Sumatra. Mas Harun Bastari Lake is surrounded by hills which makes it more green nan was cool and exotic. The strategic location in the path of cross Curup - Lubuk Linggau, often stealing the attention of road users who pass through these roads. Not far from the lake, stands proudly still active volcano named Mount Kaba. The mountain is the only volcano in Bengkulu province are still active. If it is not foggy, from the lake, the volcano is seen very clearly.

To pamper the tourists, the location of the lake with an area of approximately 36 hectares, there is provided a variety of recreational facilities such as boats are rented to families around the lake, and other facilities. In addition to tourist facilities of water, in Mas Harun Bastari Lake Out Bone Zone also has a guaranteed adrenaline visitors can test, from Zone cobwebs hinga flying fox across the edge of the lake can also be found this location.

Well, for you the pengnjung from out of town does not have to worry thinking about the inn. Because, besides the distance is not too far from the city Curup, around the lake are also available many beautiful villas and home stay with adequate facilities, it is suitable for you and your family spend the holiday break. From the villa that his position is above the hills around the lake, visitors can relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake. Especially at night, when the bright star-studded sky, for a honeymoon couple who suddenly able to write poetry, whisper beautiful words to her partner. The atmosphere was very romantic.

Simply get here? Apparently not yet finished. Besides enjoying the sights of the lake, you can visit the many cultivated strawberries plantations surrounding communities. Not only that, a few kilo meters from the lake, you can find tomato and vegetable plantations in the village of Karang Jaya. Not enough to the lake? because only 10 minutes by motor vehicle from the lake, there can directly enjoy the sights of Mount Kaba.

Mount Kaba is located in the Village Resources Urip, adjacent to the village of Karang Jaya. To reach the summit of Mount Kaba, do not have to take up to tens of hours. Only with a time of 2.5 hours on foot you can reach the summit of Mount Kaba and see the craters are still active. The peak of Mount Kaba also be penetrated by the two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel. Only, this time the course is being broken, so just double-axle vehicle that is able to climb to the summit of Mount Kaba.

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