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One attraction is the mainstay of Bengkulu province is Suban Hot Water Baths. This attraction is located in Rejang Lebong with Curup capital, this location is easily accessible, just 15 minutes away or approximately 6 km from the city Curup. While the city of Bengkulu distance traveled about 90 miles to the journey takes 2 hours.

Suban hot water is a natural bathing area originating from the hot springs, and has been equipped with facilities like: swimming pool, a resort, canteen, parking area are very supportive for family recreation. At this location there are pools of hot spring that is often called a splinter mortar. The ponds still looks very simple but the atmosphere around the pool is very beautiful, combined with many cliffs overgrown with trees so that the atmosphere in the pool is naturally splinter dimples.

The hot water contained in ponds comes from springs located on the edge of the pond, which flowed through the pipes or bamboo fountains to form. This pond looks green because the bottom of the pool is composed of small boulders and mossy yng this pool so the water looks clear and greenish.

Attraction spill hot water is often used as a visitors center for the treatment of some diseases such as rheumatism, gout, high blood pressure, etc. due to the hot water contained in the swimming-pool is believed to cure the disease. So do not be surprised if on ordinary days and holidays this location a favorite for both the communities visited Bengkulu province as well as by local tourists.

Adding exotic attraction baths of hot water spill is the presence of two waterfalls flowing from the hills with a height of each 50 and 75 meters.

This waterfall is also a natural source of cool mountain water and crisp as well as healthy for bathing.

Beautiful natural scenery and beautiful locations along the way to make a special experience for the family a wonderful holiday and be memorable.

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photo: imageshack.us

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