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Travel retrace the development of Buddhism in the city of Jambi, it can not be separated with the establishment history of Vihara Sakyakirti Jambi. It also includes activities undertaken so far by the Buddhists. Vihara Sakyakirti was first established for the public in 1968. With the presence of this Vihara Sakyakirti , then the Buddhists Jambi City may exercise religious worship in accordance with the religion embraced.

When Tribune visited the Vihara Sakyakirti, Wednesday (28 / 7) around 11:00 am until 15:00 pm, several people looked after another entered the building that reads “Bhakti Sala” to pray. They then resume their activities toward the pagoda that reads “Avolakitesvara”. With a red burn some incense, a woman also was sitting propped knee and then swing the incense. Alternating Buddhist Vihara to come to them. They come from all over jambi and surrounding areas.

Anthoni, staff at Sakyakirti Vihara Foundation, said the Buddhists (called adherents of Buddhism, editor) is used to perform prayers in this place. For its stages, Anthoni said, a Buddhist one must perform prayer in a place that says “Adi Sanghyang Namo Buddha” which means praise the Lord God Almighty.

Having completed the first stage, he continued, Buddhist conduct prayers in the building that reads “Bhakti Sala”. The building was usually used to preach for Pastor and Frather. But, he added, for a typical day is also used for worship.

Anthoni said, also went on pilgrimage to Buddhist “Avalokitesvara Pagoda.” The name is another name for “Kwan Im Goddess”, The pagoda is usually the last place Buddhists do pray, he said.

For normal days, said Anthoni, it is rather quiet compared with people praying the sacred days like weeks, 1 and 15 first dates, holidays, and other celebrations. On December 1 and 15 is the day when the moon completely dark or dark moon. Normally we pray in these days, he explained.

The development of Buddhism in Jambi province began in 1965 when a Buddhist Jambi received a visit from the “YA” The First Bhikkhu in Indonesia and pioneer the rise of Buddhism in Indonesia since the fall of Sriwijaya and Majapahit. The meeting with the monk raises a more passionate desire for Buddhists in Jambi to know more about “Buddha Dharma”. So they held a public lecture that Buddhism was first in the National building currently known as the Women’s Building or BKOW (National Organization of Women’s cooperation) by Samanera Jinagiri (YES Bhikkhu Girirakhito ALM) and Samanera Jinartana.



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http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Jalan+Pangeran+Diponegoro,+Telanaipura,+Jam bi,+Indonesia&hl=en&ll=-1.603537,103.618337&spn=0.007379,0.011319&sll=-2.44168,104.082553&sspn=15.060039,23.181152&t=h&geocode=FQeh5_8dFSItBg&hnear=Jalan+Pangeran+Diponegoro,+Telanaipura,+Jamb i,+Indonesia&z=17